Aicok BL1192 Professional Countertop 1400 Watt Blender [Review]


Speaking about performance, the AIcok Professional blender does justice to the term. The powerful motor, adjustable speed, and versatile blades combine to create an efficient machine. Besides, the blender looks classy, and anybody would love to have the design on their countertop. It’s a new unit in the market with a high rating from users due to its affordable price and outstanding features.

Here are the key features of the Aicok Professional Blender:

Innovative program control

One of its key features is the smart program control that uses two modes: automatic and manual. For items like cocktails, smoothies, frozen drinks, and juice, the automatic mode offers these presets to make it easier. In case you want to customize your results, the manual mode offers a variety of speed controls such as low, medium, and high.

1400-watt motor

This blender is suited to heavy tasks such as blending leafy vegetables and large quantity ingredients. The 1400-watt motor can pulverize and grind ingredients better than most blenders of this price range. The high-motor power can also blend frozen ingredients and seeds. Moreover, it offers speed adjustability with the highest speed at 30,000 rpm, which is good enough to crush any hard ingredients.

3D technology blades

Apart from the customizable speeds, the Aicok Professional smoothie blender employs 3D technology in how the blades work to ensure more contact with the ingredients. Also, they are made of stainless steel to stay sharp and reliable for a long time. They are great if you like to experiment with a variety of food items as they are hard enough to crush any ingredients.

BPA-free Titan Pitcher

The pitcher’s size is suitable to make medium to large batches of food, thanks to the 70 oz. container. Every angle of the pitcher is designed to pull the mixture down into the blades to ensure efficiency when grinding and crushing ingredients. The result is you get smooth and delicious food all the time. The pitcher is made using Tritan material that’s BPA-free for health safety and can withstand heat. As a bonus, you also get two travel bottles for your next outdoor trip.

Safety features

When it comes to safety, this blender has a unique design that ensures that the pitcher is properly aligned with the blender. The stop switch works as the reset button in case of hitches, and the overload protection works great should you feed more ingredients than the blender capacity. The machine also comes with a cooling fan that helps to prevent overheating.


  • It offers both manual and automatic modes
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has a large capacity
  • Safe to use


  • The cleaning process may take some time.
Aicok BL1192 Professional Countertop 1400 Watt Blender view

Looking for a high-performance blender that’s affordable? Look no further than the Aicok Professional Smoothie blender that can carry out a variety of tasks and is easy to use. It can crush pretty much everything with the 6 stainless steel blades. The 8-cup pitcher is dishwasher safe and ideal for large families.

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