Kenwood KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine [Review]


If you are a cook who regularly makes large batches of food, you will need to go for a high-quality stand mixer that fits the bill; one with a large mixing bowl and a powerful motor. A great mixer that fits the bill is Kenwood KMM021 7QT Kitchen Machine. Although made by a less popular brand, Kenwood, in the US than in the UK, they are known to make great small appliances that are designed to last.


In terms of capacity and construction, this stand mixer features a 7-quart bowl. This is one of the largest available bowls for stand mixers designed for home use. With this generous capacity, you can mix 10 pounds of dough, 16 egg whites, or 2 pounds of flour. The 7-quart bowl allows you to mix a large number of ingredients all at once.

The mixing bowl and most parts of this machine are made from stainless steel. With exterior and interior construction boasting of this quality, you can expect this machine to last for many years.

This appliance has a powerful 800-watt motor, which is more than enough for home users. The powerful motor is well-matched for by the large mixing bowl that this appliance comes with. It doesn’t overheat thanks to the dual ventilation points on its motor housing that allow hot air to escape.

With four built-in speeds, you will be able to control the pace of mixing ingredients. The different speed settings mean that you will be able to mix cake dough thoroughly, perfectly whip cream, or gently knead pizza dough.

One unique feature of this stand mixer from Kenwood is the pulse function. This is especially useful when you are cutting butter into piecrust.

When it comes to attachment, Kenwood includes different attachments including a blender that knobs to a powered hub, dough hook, flexible beater, whisk, splashguard, and k-beater. You will rarely find many brands including such a great number of attachments. With the wide variety of additional attachments, you will be able to carry out different mixing jobs. The included splashguard covers the entire top of the mixing bowl with a flap on its side that you can open to adding more ingredients.

Kenwood makes cleaning this appliance easy. Everything, except the motor housing, is dishwasher safe. For longevity, hand washes the accessories. If the base gets dirty, wipe clean with a soapy washcloth. Never submerge the base in water.


  • It has a powerful motor rated at 800 watts. This is capable of turning large pizza dough or bread pizza in one go

  • It comes with a wide range of accessories making it a great bargain

  • This appliance is engineered to last and will serve you for many years

  • It has a large capacity with its mixing bowl having a 7-quart capacity

  • Kenwood offers a five-year warranty on this appliance’s powerful motor. This gives you peace of mind when using this appliance as you are assured your money is secured


  • It is quite heavier and bigger than most stand mixers. This can become problematic to people with relatively smaller kitchen cabinets

  • It doesn’t have as many variable speed settings as most other mixers in its category

Although this stand mixer is not made by a US-based company, a large number of positive reviews it has garnered removes all doubts. It is one of the best stand mixers and is built for heavy use. This appliance comes with a large number of attachments making it a great bargain.

The size of the bowl and motor capability are right for people looking for a powerful machine with large capacity. Overall, this is a great stand mixer we can recommend to anyone who bakes and cooks frequently.

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