Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Maker [Review]


If you love espresso and want a tasty cup of coffee for the mornings, then the Barista Pro from Breville is an excellent choice for you. It’s perfect for those hectic days when you need to make it to the job on time and need a coffee quickly. In case your kids have been demanding “foamy milk,” the Breville Barista Pro can texturize milk in minutes.

If you are new to the world of espresso and looking for an espresso for individual or family use, then the Barista Pro has impressive features at a competitive price. Besides, it’s easy to operate, unlike most complicated coffee makers.

Here are the features that make it outstanding.

Thermo-jet heating system

Breville is popular for its unique thermo-jet workflow technology that improves heating time significantly. This heating system decreases the delay between steaming and brewing. It’s the fastest for making cappuccino.

Robust steam wand

The automatic steam wand is efficient for milk texturizing, delivering a scrumptious microfoam that you need for latte art. The steam wand helps to adjust the temperature and texture to suit your taste. Cleaning the wand is easy using a clean cloth after use or use the automatic purge by using the wand down. The auto-purge feature runs down hot water through the wand to keep it clean for the next use.

Advanced control for temperature

Most coffee machines lack precise temperature control, which might mess the flavor of your coffee. This is where Breville Barista Pro outshines them. It comes with digital temperature control that uses the amount of water to provide the ideal temperature. This is not only economical, but it also helps to draw out the taste of your grounds. The result is you get you espresso flavorful, shot-bold, and with a nutty aroma.


The kind of porta-filter in a coffee maker can tell you whether you will get the desired thickness for your espresso or not. To ensure absolute smooth espresso, the Breville Barista Pro uses a 54-mm porta-filter larger than most similar models, to produce a full-flavored quality coffee. Another advantage is you can clean the porta-filter easily in the drip tray or wipe out clean with a cloth.

Interactive LCD screen

No more making espresso blindly with this espresso maker. This Breville brewer comes with an excellent LCD where you can view the process of making your coffee. It allows you to set the size of the grind, the amount, and the temperature you will need. It’s easy to see these details because the screen is backlit for visibility.

Integrated grinder

Any lover of espresso will know the perks of having a burr grinder when brewing espresso. It allows you to pick the ideal size for the grind and the serving of espresso. The Breville grind control is a nifty addition at the price of this machine, so you won’t have to buy one separately.


  • Has user-friendly controls and LCD screen
  • Has an automatic wand for ease of use
  • It’s easy to clean and descale
  • Combines an espresso machine and grinder


  • The water reservoir is not accessible from the front
  • A bit expensive

Everyone is going to fall in love with the Barista Pro. For first-timers, the one hands-free and one-touch brewing should be fun and easy. Real coffee lovers will enjoy a few grinding options like the grinder and automatic milk frothing. If you are interested in a machine that can prepare barista-quality coffee in the morning, look no further.

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