OXA Smart 800W 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender Set [Review]


OXA Smart 4-in-1 is one of the best-selling products on Amazon and for a good reason. The best part is it comes with almost every accessory you need to get started within your kitchen. Some of the accessories you get include splash guard, whisk attachment, and food processor. Most reviews say that the attachments are easy to clean and useful when creating recipes using a single tool.

What customers love about this appliance is its high power yet it works quietly. Not to mention, this immersion blender boasts a sturdy and lightweight construction which makes it perfect for anyone in the kitchen. Reviewers also agree that it’s durable.

Features that make OXA Smart 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender Set Stand out

High-Grade Construction
The powerful OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender features a sleek stainless steel material which adds that modern and stylish appearance in your kitchen. You can rest assured that it won’t get battered by ravages and mistreatment in the kitchen thanks to its sturdy build.

A rubberized handle ensures minimal hand strain during use. The blades are made using high-quality stainless steel, which makes them sharp and durable. These super-sharp blades brave all the ingredients, whether dry, moist, or frozen for years to come.

Multi-tool Appliance
This set comes with a 500 ml food processor which is ideal for preparing chunky salsa, guacamole, and cauliflower, among other foods. A quick pulse will blend fat foods to make sauces, pesto, smoothies, and guacamole.

You can also use it with the 600 ml beaker provided or dip into a blending bowl to produce a smooth and consistent combination of liquids. Its stainless steel blades chop the ingredients easily to the desired color and texture.

The whisk attachment comes handy when you need to whip cream or when you need fluffy egg whites to bake. No need to strain your arms or use a grease elbow to hit with consistency.

Dishwasher Safe
The OXA 4-in-1 is all detachable with the detachable parts immiscible in the dishwasher which makes cleaning as easy as A, B, C. You just need to detach the blending stick from the motor to ensure thorough cleaning. It includes a processor bowl and BPA free beaker which should give you peace of mind.

High-Efficiency Motor
This immersion blender comes with a 300 watts motor to carry out all your tough tasks in the kitchen, such as frozen and dry contents. With such a high wattage, this blender can process foods to desired smoothness in a flick of a switch.

6 speeds plus a Turbo Switch
In addition to the powerful engine, this hand blender features six speeds and a turbo button to ensure peak performance. Having variable rates offers you better control and varied results.


  •  High-quality Construction

  • Powerful 300-watt motor

  • Numerous accessories


  • It might be relatively pricey

If you need a durable hand mixer that with a sturdy stick blender, then OXA Powerful Hand Blender set is a fantastic choice for you. It comes with numerous accessories to help you overcome any kitchen blending task with ease.

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