Keurig K-Supreme Plus Coffee Maker [Review]


Having a fresh cup of Joe at the comfort of your seat is probably the most satisfying moment of the day. Its bitter-sweet taste reminds us to work and be happier, especially with the pandemics and unpredictably.

If you are in search of a coffee maker to spice up your days, check out the new Kuerig K-Supreme Plus. This machine is an upgrade of the K-Supreme with several fantastic improvements to prepare more flavorful coffee. The Keurig K-Supreme’s major improvement is the Multi-Stream technology that extracts all the aroma and flavor in your coffee.

Read this Keurig K-Supreme Plus features review to learn why the machine has become so popular among coffee lovers.

MultiStream Technology

Keurig understands that coffee should be enjoyed and that adding coffee to a mug of water does not mean you get a flavorful cup. That’s why they designed the machine with Multi-stream technology that offers more precise extraction and flow. The process of extraction involves five holes where the flow of coffee is controlled. This helps to wet the ground evenly, bringing out the deepest flavor of the coffee.

Numerous Customizable options

The Keurig has three temperature settings, from low to high, with an additional high setting available. Iced coffee is also a possibility at the lowest option.

You can also choose the length of your coffee out of five lengths available. The 4-ounce cup is the shortest, and the longest is a 12-cup ounce. This allows you to make different amounts of coffee, depending on your needs. The machine also offers programmable preferences for up to 3 users, so you don’t have to set it up every time.

In addition, you can toggle between three different strengths of coffee throughout your day. With all these controls, you can have full control of your beverage, and your coffee will taste exactly how you want.

Quality build

Keurig uses stainless steel to design this machine, and that makes it so durable. It’s resistant to corrosion and also gives the unit a solid feel. Being 12.2” tall, 8.3” wide, and 13.3” deep, the machine is compact and slim that should fit in most kitchens and living rooms. Besides being small, the capacity is super-large, which allows many servings before requiring a refill.


  • It has a remarkable steel finish
  • It gives you maximum control over your coffee
  • It has a large capacity
  • Has a quicker heating time
  • It has a small footprint


  • It’s relatively expensive
Keurig K-Supreme Plus Coffee Maker in kitchen

Keurig brand is a fan-favorite when it comes to making efficient coffee makers like the K-Supreme Plus. This machine is built to last with the Multi-stream technology that ensures the deepest flavor. Besides, the coffee is ready in minutes because the heating up takes no time. Choose from hundreds of K-cup pods, or you can brew your own ground if you like. The machine is also travel-friendly, and the large water reservoir makes refilling easy.

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