Ninja Foodi Digital Convection Oven [Review]


This appliance caters for all sorts of baking needs, while also offering the air fryer feature for health-conscious individuals. The toaster oven is easy to use with simple-to-operate controls, and it takes not more than 60 seconds to heat up.

This is an ideal choice for those who have a tight space as this little machine is compact enough to fit under the cabinet. Coming from a huge brand like Ninja, this gadget is versatile and serves as a dehydrator, convection oven, and toaster.

Keep reading this review to learn about the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and what makes it so popular.

Features that Make Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fryer Oven Standout

Although the design appears simple, this machine’s 1800 wattage enables you to cook within minutes. It can preheat in less than 60 seconds which is impressive and better than most ovens.

The Ninja Foodie cooks up to 50% faster than traditional ovens allowing you to prepare full meals in as little as 20 minutes. The machine operates quietly and includes an interior light to help you monitor what’s cooking.

Compact Design
Right out of the box, you get a feeling that it’s a high-quality product. It has been constructed using brushed stainless steel with a classic black finish, rounded corners, and a digital touchpad. Measuring 19.72 by 7.56 by 14.96 inches, the Foodie is compact and takes up less space on the countertop.

When not in use, you can flip this oven on one side to take 50% less space, which is odd but a convenient solution for cooks with less space. The design is sleek to ensure that you also get enough volume in the inside. The pan cooking area can hold up six chicken breasts, or a 13-inch pizza.

The design of this Ninja appliance is getting lots of positive feedback from users. In addition to its sleek profile, it has a hinged bottom that lets you fit it on the counter or store it in a vertical position.

Digital Control panel
The control panel of this Ninja oven is easy to read and operate. The interface involves a knob that you use to select time and temperature. It can preheat automatically in less than a minute so it won’t affect your cooking time.

In case of any confusion, use the included manual booklet that demonstrates its use and a few delicious recipes you can try out yourself.

Clear digital display
Also, it has a large LED display with a clock function and can also indicate the time as well as cooking time remaining. The touch controls are sensitive, easy to read, and offer a more attractive look to the oven. The child lock feature minimizes any accidental touches on the buttons.

The design of the Ninja Foodi can accommodate multiple functions while taking less space on the countertop. It provides even baking or toast your bread to a great browning.

It also works excellent for air roasting veggies, steak, chicken, seafood, and much more.

It is also impressive when it comes to air frying and ensuring that most of your foods are evenly fried without oil.

Lastly, the Ninja Foodie 8-in-1 can dehydrate small amounts of feed and keep your food warm for up to 2 hours.


  • It’s relatively compact for small spaces
  • Offers a large cooking area
  • Provides a powerful motor that cooks fast
  • Easy-to-clean


  • It is too short to cook tall foods like a whole chicken

For a home cook who wants to make healthier and tasty meals, you could never go wrong with the model, especially if you have less space. The multifunctional gadget is not on the cheaper side, but worth investing in.

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