BLACK+DECKER EM036AB14 Digital Microwave Oven [Review]


Most people prefer to get a microwave over any other kitchen appliance for the convenience and its ability to fit into a low budget. Besides, modern microwave can do more than just warming up leftovers and defrosting meals. You can steam crispy meat, soften frozen dessert, bake a taco casserole, and even make special omelet much quicker. It’s easy to see why a good number of homes have a microwave.

This article covers the Black and Decker microwave that most chefs trust for being one of the most effective tabletop microwaves from a reputable brand with years of innovation and a robust feature. For the value, performance, and options you get, The Black and Decker digital microwave oven is definitely worth a look.


This is one of the most efficient models for cooking different foods with precise temperature because it allows you to choose between 10 power levels. You can choose power levels up to 1000 watts, which is really impressive for such a small size oven. You also get numerous preprogrammed buttons for a baked potato, popcorn, defrost, dinner plate, and beverage.

LED display

You don’t need to be an expert to use this microwave oven, thanks to the LED display that allows you to set time and power. The lid also comes with buttons for preprogrammed cycles where you just put your food or ingredients inside, and the microwave decides the right conditions for the dish. The microwave also comes with a kitchen timer to allow for easier time management. The only downside of the display panel is it’s not backlit, so it might not be easy to read from the side.

Child lock feature

If you have kids around the house, you’ll definitely be looking for safety in your kitchen appliances. The Black + Decker EM06AB14 is one of the fewer appliances you can get without a doubt. It comes with a child safety lock that protects your children from getting hot food out. There’s a 30-second express cooking function that speeds up the heating to ensure you cool meals in a snap. Also, you can easily open and close the microwave, thanks to a push-button.

Removable turntable

This microwave oven features a 12.4 inches turntable that can accommodate larger cooking vessels. It rotates to ensure food heats evenly and prevents hotspots. It’s removable for easier cleaning and non-stick, meaning you won’t have to clean now and then. You can easily clean the turntable using warm and soapy water.


  • It has numerous preprogrammed buttons
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Low noise levels
  • Has a child-lock feature


  • The display panel is not backlit

The Black + Decker Digital Microwave oven is undoubtedly one of the best ovens in the market. It’s lightweight, and the small nature makes it easier to move around the house and store anywhere. It comes at a fair price tag considering the power you get. The brand also offers a 2-year warranty with reliable customer service.

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