GoWISE USA GW44805 14.7-Quart Ultimate Air Fryer Oven [Review]


More and more kitchen enthusiasts are investing in air fryers. This is because air fryers make preparing different foods easier. You can make small batches of different foods; from roasted vegetables and chicken to frozen food items.

One company that has been making quality air fryers is GoWISE. GoWISE is building a name in the kitchen appliances niches, and it is helping people live a healthier and easier life. One of their latest appliances is GoWISE USA GW44805 14.7-Quart.

With this air fryer, you can prepare different dishes in lesser time compared to an oven. What’s more, an air fryer adds more flavor and texture to food than any microwave or oven does.

You can get that grilled food taste while still indoors thanks to the aluminum grill plate accessory that comes with this appliance. No need to light up your outdoor grill to prepare grill food as this can now do the work.

Want to prepare deserts? This air fryer comes with a “Bake” preset that allows you to adjust temperatures from 120 degrees F to 450 degrees F. What’s more, it has plenty of space to allow you to make treats for your family without the hassle of using a traditional oven.

And when it comes to keeping you healthier, GoWISE USA GW44805 14.7-Quart can help you cook your food with little or no oil.

So, what are some of the features that make it great? Keep reading our GoWISE USA GW44805 14.7-Quart review to find out.

Features That Makes GoWISE USA GW44805 14.7-Quart To Stand Out

Cast aluminum grill
This air fryer comes with a heavy-duty grill plate made using cast aluminum to help you grill veggies and meats to perfection. What’s more, you also get rubber-tipped tongs that you can easily use to flip your food and achieve the great-looking grill marks you love without having to scratch the grill plate.

Dual heating system
You can cut down your cooking time and still heat food evenly from all sides thanks to the dual heating system. There are 11 cooking presets as well as manual controls you can use to air fry, roast, toast, dehydrate, and rotisserie your food.

Heavy-duty stainless steel body
When buying kitchen appliances, quality is one thing you should consider. And GoWISE knows this and that’s why they have designed and created this air fryer with stainless steel both on the outside and in the inside. With this body, it means that you can increase the cooking temperature up to 450 degrees, and this allows you to cook faster than in other models.

11 accessories and 2 recipe books
GoWISE is making your work easier and your cooking more versatile thanks to the wide range of accessories that it includes when sending this air fryer to you. Some of the accessories included are 2 mesh racks, a rotisserie rod and forks, a shallow mesh basket, rotisserie skewers, a drip pan, tongs, and a rotisserie cage.

You can also get started with the 50 recipes for your air fryer and 20 dehydrator recipes from the two books included.


  • The large viewing window makes it easier for you to check your meals while they cook
  • You get a large number of accessories making this air fryer a great bargain
  • This oven is compact, and thus do not take a lot of space in your kitchen
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • The recipe book contains recipes that you can easily try


  • Grease can be hard to remove on the stainless steel interior
  • Finding replacement parts is not easy

Overall, this is an air fryer we can recommend to anyone who is looking for an appliance that will make cooking different meals easier. GoWISE USA GW44805 14.7-Quart boasts of a great number of accessories and features that make it a great bargain.

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