Cuisinart SM-55BK 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Black [Review]


Are you looking for a high-quality and efficient stand mixer? Well, Cuisinart has something worth checking- Cuisinart SM-55BK Stand Mixer. It is relatively affordable, solidly built, and efficient at mixing ingredients and dough. Besides, it comes with a longer warranty period than most stand mixers available on the market today.


With a simple design, this mixer boasts of a wide range of great features. It has easy to use yet very useful controls for virtually any mixing job in the kitchen. Whether you are planning to bake bread or make some cookies, the Cuisinart SM-55BK Stand Mixer will be there to help.

Boasting of an 800-watt motor, this stand mixer can mix all sort of things including the hardest of ingredients. Whether it is blending, mixing, kneading, or meat grinding, SM-55BK will do the job without any hesitation and in the quietest way possible.

Amazingly, this appliance is so powerful, yet it weighs less as compared to most stand mixers on the market. And in addition to this, it will stay put on your countertop and doesn’t move around like others do when running.

This stand mixer has an ergonomic design, and its stainless bowl has handles that allows one to remove the bowl easily when you want to clean it. In addition, the handles make it easier to hold it when you are pouring out its content.

Measuring 12.5 inches tall and 15.5 inches deep, this mixer will easily fit in most kitchen cabinets.
Its slow start function allows this mixer to increase its speed gradually. If you normally make whipping cream, you know how this function is important and how it can save you from getting an unexpected mess. There is also a splashguard included that is designed well to keep the ingredients in the bowl.

Another great feature of this mixer is that it has a bowl that is easy to remove for purposes of cleaning. Some stand mixers lack this functionality, and it makes cleaning work difficult.


  • It has a powerful 800-watt motor that enables it to knead and mix virtually all ingredients including tough dough

  • With 12 speed settings, you can get the mix the way you need and at the right time

  • Cuisinart offers a 5-year warranty on this powerful mixer

  • It has a 15-minute countdown timer and auto-shut off feature, which means you can set this appliance to mix your ingredients before you begin to bake or cook

  • It is relatively small and compact and thus can easily fit in most kitchen cabinets


  • It is relatively heavy to lift

  • This mixer does not offer planetary mixing

The Cuisinart SM-55BK Stand Mixer remains one of the best mixers in the market. It does virtually everything yet is priced reasonably with a lengthy warranty. Given that this stand mixer is made to North America Electrical Standards means that it has met all the safety and quality standards.

Besides, it is easy to use and clean and has a powerful motor. If you are looking for an efficient, durable, and proven stand mixer to grow old with, choose Cuisinart SM-55BK Stand Mixer; you will not regret!

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