Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed with Turbo [Riview]


If you have a confectionary flair for making delicacies in the kitchen and want to make candy, pudding, or whipped cream, then a hand mixer with commendable speeds like Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed might be a great pick for you. It has a 250-watt motor that makes it one of the most powerful hand mixers in its category. This means you can use it to beat any ingredients at high speeds consistently.

The stainless steel body of the hand mixer makes it lightweight, which means you can move the bowl around when mixing. It comes with many attachments and accessories such as dough hooks and regular beaters, and this makes it worth the money.

So, let’s talk about its features.

Features That Makes Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed Stand Out

Six speeds
With this hand mixer from Aicok, you can prepare different ingredients thanks to the six-speed options that are provided. You can choose the right speed for every mass ingredients you have. It is important to mention that even the slowest speed of this mixer is too fast for some people, and this shows how powerful this mixer is.

What’s more, there is a turbo boost speed to help you get the job done in a quicker manner. The turbo boost button increases the speed of the mixer to make it possible for you to mix tough dough for cakes.

Stainless steel material
This electric hand mixer has a modern style and is made of stainless steel. This means that it will upgrade your kitchen appearance while offering you unparalleled performance. The stainless body makes it resistant and durable.

Dishwasher safe
This hand mixer comes with four stainless steel attachments including two dough hooks to help you whip dough, and two beaters for mixing ingredients or whipping eggs. All these attachments are dishwasher safe and thus easier to clean.

Eject button
You can adjust the speeds to zero or even eject hooks and beaters easily thanks to the eject button. This makes using Aicok hand mixer easy to use.

Different accessories for preparing different foods
This mixer can accommodate different accessories. You can use it to make cakes and biscuits thanks to the whisking and folding functions. Also, you can make desserts thanks to the creaming and whisking function, and much more.


  • This mixer has a powerful engine that can process even the toughest of the dough
  • It has consistent performance and thus will result in even results
  • The turbo button means that you can increase its speeds when you are short of time
  • This appliance comes at a good price and the features make it a great bargain


  • It can be noisy, especially when at higher speeds and grinding heavy ingredients, but this is normal

Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed is a creatively crafted appliance that will not only upgrade the appearance of your kitchen but also make your work of preparing ingredients easier.

Its 250 watts motor guarantee great and consistent results. You can adjust its speed in 6 positions to help you prepare cream, foam, cake dough, and pancake batter. It comes with a good number of accessories for versatility.

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