Bamix Pro-2 G200 Hand Blender with Wall Bracket [Review]


Bamix is a Swiss, privately held company founded in 1953 with a single purpose: to perfect the art of electrical kitchen appliances. The Bamix Pro-2 G200 Immersion Hand Blender is their latest flagship. Each of these wand mixers is hand built by the in-house team and tested numerous times along the production process. As a result, each end product offers a mix of Swiss sophistication and elegance in design on top of guaranteed performance.


The Bamix Pro-2 G200 Immersion Hand Blender gets its power from a 200-watt precision balanced AC motor. The torque output of this motor is more than enough to whip or beat ingredients without any performance lags. Precision balance plays a significant role in reducing vibration and further reducing the noise produced during blending activities.

When it comes to speed controls this hand blender is equipped with two-speed levels; low speed of 14000 RPM and a high speed of 17000 RPM. The mixer has a push button control that provides either continuous action or a pulse action depending on the recipe you are working with. To further simplify the control action on this device the buttons are located near the top end of the ergonomically designed handle.

The 7.4-inch chrome coated brass shaft is sturdy enough to withstand the physical pressure as well as vibrations. The rest of the body is wrapped in PAG safety rated nylon to seal the internal electronics fully. This gives the blender a submersible length of up to 11.4 inches and additional heat resistance.

Bamix includes three stainless steel interchangeable blades with this blender. The aerating blade which is set at a slight angle provides optimum whip and beat performance when working with liquids and comes highly recommended for turning skim milk into whipped topping. On the other hand, the blending blade is best for mixing and emulsifying thick or creamy textures to make homemade mayonnaise. The chopping blade comes in handy when you have to crush and dice fruits or even ice.

We like

  • The blender has an open head design that creates a perfect vortex thus drawing food into the blades for efficient mixing

  • The nylon wrapping is easy to clean and provides heat resistance making this blender safe to use even in boiling liquids and hot pots

  • The long chrome coated brass shaft offers enough space for one to work with the mixer without risking splashes and is also rust proof

  • The precision balanced motor reduces vibrations which would otherwise result in non-uniform work and even to some extent accidental drops

  • This blender is hand built, and each unit undergoes numerous tests during production ensuring precise performance

  • The package comes with a wall bracket that attaches to walls via the two screws which are also provided

We dislike

  • Some customers did complain about the tips falling off constantly. However this is attributed to poor coupling process, and customers are advised to ensure that the attachments are firmly attached to the brass shaft before beginning any blending

The Bamix Pro-2 G200 Immersion Hand Blender is the culmination of Swiss artistry and time-tested performance. It, therefore, goes without saying that this is the best hand-held blender in the market and it has all the right features to look for in a wand mixer; from the 11.4-inch submersible length to the specialized blades that offer all the blending skills required in a kitchen.

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