Panasonic NN-CD87KS 4-in-1 Microwave Oven [Review]


Panasonic is an established brand when it comes to household appliances. If you are on the lookout for a powerful and modern microwave with convenient multi-purpose cooking technology, the Panasonic 4-in-1 Countertop oven ticks all the right boxes. The first thing that you should notice is the elegant design and finish that looks very beautiful.

Besides, this model is easy to use for novices and the busy lifestyles of culinary experts alike, featuring a user-friendly interface with preset options.

Here are the features that make the Panasonic CD87KS Home Chef stand out.

4-in- 1 oven

The Home Chef 4 in 1 oven features four versatile functions including, traditional microwaving, baking, broiling, and air frying, to cook a variety of snacks and meals with precision. You can select any of the four cooking options individually for quick delicacies or choose your favorite combo for a range of fast and nutritious meals to meet the desired taste.

Healthy air fryer

For health-conscious individuals who want to prepare delicacies without oil, this is one of the best air fryers. The air frying works by quickly circulating hot air around your food, unlike traditional frying that requires oil use. You can now prepare tasty French fries, chicken wings, and nuggets with lower calories without worrying about gaining excess weight.

For the food preparation that requires broiling, the Panasonic NN-CD87KS microwave comes with the dual infrared technology that maintains its natural freshness and crispiness. The fact that it offers the broiler’s section justifies its price.

It’s a second oven

Another great feature of this oven is the convection bake functions that range from 100 degrees and 215 degrees to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. This enhances even baking and roasting without expending much energy for convenient cooking. Besides, Panasonic uses the economical mode to minimize power use by up to 50 % compared to other models.

Inverter technology and genius sensor

This features the patent inverter technology that provides sufficient power for practical cooking. It can defrost, cook, reheat, and keep your food warm without losing its natural taste. What’s more, it comes with an automatic genius sensor that tracks the humidity level of the food and adjusts time and the power required for consistent cooking of various ingredients.


  • Has an easy-to-clean interior
  • It’s highly versatile featuring four machines in one
  • Air fryer technology provides healthier fried food with low calories
  • Comes with Flash Press broiler that’s perfect for browning, toasting, and crisping
  • It is easy to use with a friendly user interface


  • It is relatively pricier than others

If you are willing to pay extra for a high-quality microwave oven, the Panasonic 4-in-1 has all the features you need. Plus, its space-saving design with a large interior means it can fit in smaller kitchens and still prepare large batches of food. The powerful 1000 watts motor is ideal for commercial environments. It’s made for those who love experimenting with a variety of recipes.

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