KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead Coffee Maker [Review]


The fastest way of making drip coffee is by using an advanced machine like the KitchenAid Spiral Showerhead. It has become so popular for its high customizability and the fact that it can carry out all the measuring and timing for you.

It’s a great way of keeping your morning routine simple and quick. The 12-cup coffee maker is programmable for up to 24 hours in advance, meaning you don’t wake up too early to prepare coffee before leaving for work.

But, how well does the KitchenAid 12 cup drip coffee maker work? Read on to find out its key features and the benefits of each.

29-hole spiral showerhead

It has a unique design showerhead comprising 29 spiral holes that promote even distribution of hot water over the filter. This ensures that coffee grounds are evenly saturated for better extraction of flavor and taste. As a result, you brew delicious coffee every time.

Dosage ladder

For ease of use, the brand includes a dosage ladder that eliminates guesswork when deciding the amount of grounds and water to use for the right flavor. One of the dosage ladders is on the gold-tone filter and the other on the water tank. No more making coffee that is too bold or too faint, just the right flavor and taste.

Removable tank

You do not have to mess your surfaces and the unit when refilling water, thanks to a removable tank. Apart from making refilling easy, it also makes it easier when you want to clean the unit. Additionally, the design of the spout minimizes any spills when pouring into a cup. The coffee maker comes with a gold-tone permanent filter that makes this unit a modern choice because you no longer have to worry about using paper filters.

Digital display

One area where KitchenAid thrives is in making user-friendly products. The KCM1208 features a large control panel that is straightforward to operate even for novices. This is a simple-to-use coffee maker that allows you to customize your brew’s strength, either regular or bold, and lets you program the machine to start brewing within 24 hours.

If you need a cup much faster, there is an option to brew in small batches. The pause and pour feature lets you interrupt the brewing process and pour a cup if you can’t wait for it. Precisely, the KitchenAid Drip coffee maker will have your cup of coffee ready at any time.

1-year warranty

KitchenAid offers a useful 1-year warranty covering the replacement parts and the cost of labor repairs. The company also provides reliable customer support for any questions regarding their appliances.


  • It offers a user-friendly interface
  • Allows adjustment of brew strength
  • Comes with 24-hour programmability
  • Has a removable tank for easier cleaning


  • The keep-warm plate may not keep the coffee warm for too long

KitchenAid understands that it’s about the flavor, taste, and aroma for coffee drinkers. This KitchenAid coffee maker has all the features you need for optimal flavor extraction. It looks modern with its sleek design and a user-friendly control panel that lets you program your drinks.

Want to add some magic to your mornings? Consider adding the KitchenAid KCM1208 Spiral Showerhead coffee maker to your kitchen.

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