Ninja KT200 Precision Electric Kettle [Review]


The Ninja KT200 precision temperature electric kettle offers seven in one-touch presets for all your boiling and brewing needs. With its rapid boil technology, you can boil a cup of water in under 90 seconds.

You can also use the hold temperature setting to keep the water heated up to a specific temperature range for up to 30 minutes which is critical when working with temperature-sensitive recipes. The KT200 is easy to use and has an illuminated display that shows the current temperature reading and preset.

Read on to discover the features that make the Ninja KT200 precision temperature electric kettle a must-have:

1500-watt Precision Heater

The Ninja KT200 features a 1500-watt precision heating element that quickly generates the right amount of heat required at any time. It can bring a cup of water to boil in just 90 seconds, and you don’t have to worry about overheating as the unit will automatically turn off when the liquid starts evaporating.

Manual Temperature Control

This unit features a manual temperature control option to customize the target temperature. This comes in handy when you have to heat the water to a specific temperature for the sake of the recipe without having to bring it to a boil.

Hold Temperature Setting

The KT200 electric kettle can maintain a set temperature level for at least 30 minutes by automatically switching on and off the heating element. The hold temperature setting is critical when working with temperature-sensitive recipes or brewing.

Rapid Boil

The rapid boil future rapidly heats the kettle to bring the water to a boil in a minimal amount of time. This mode can boil a cup of water in 90 seconds, although larger volumes will take longer to boil.

7-in-1 Touch Presets

When you want to brew tea or coffee, you can use either of the seven pre-programmed settings. You can select green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea, herbal tea or coffee presets. The boil preset will automatically heat the kettle and bring whatever liquid in it to a boil.

Easy Cleaning
Hold Temperature Setting
Live Temperature Reading
Manual Temperature Control
Rapid Boil
Touch Preset


  • It has an easy-to-use, and illuminated display that displays desired presets and live temperature reading.
  • Seven cup max capacity that’s enough to brew a drink for the entire family.
  • Wide lid access with a removable scale filter that makes it easy to clean the kettle.
  • The power base has a cord storage feature.
  • Ability to control temperature levels manually.
  • It has an illuminated water window that makes it easy to track the water level and refill when needed.


  • The cleaning instructions are insufficient, and a wipe down with a damp cloth is required to keep the exterior clean.

The Ninja KT200 precision electric kettle lets you easily pick a temperature and leave the rest of the work to the kettle. It has built-in presets for brewing various teas and coffee and a customizable rapid boil preset. You also get a hold temperature setting to keep the water at a constant temperature. Get the Ninja KT200 precision electric kettle and transform your beverage brewing game.

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