Ninja Foodi Blender HB152 [Review]


Are you finding it hard to choose the right blender with modern features? It’s always hard to pick, but with this one from Ninja offers a new feature that you cannot find in other blenders in the market – apart from blending cold ingredients, it has a heating motor that lets you prepare hot soup right away.

The Ninja Foodie Cold and Hot Blender are one of the latest creations from this famous brand. Why is it becoming so popular? Read on out Foodie Cold & Hot blender review to know its outstanding features, pros & cons, and whether it’s worth the investment.

Features that Make the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender Stand Out

1400-Watt Motor
This blender offers enough power to handle all kinds of tasks including crushing ice to margaritas, blending frozen ingredients, pureeing fruits and veggies, making ice cream, and much more.

The machine incorporates an 800-watt motor heating element that allows you to cook veggies when you want to prepare smooth and hearty soups. The device also generates heat to help you infuse flavors, crack cocktails, sodas, and much more.

The motor combined with the stainless steel blades, ensure complete crushing of ingredients and proper extraction of components. This is your ideal blender when you want to liquefy whole fruits for extractions and when blending ice for smoothies.

User-friendly controls
This blender offers Auto IQ controls that let you choose between 12 pre-programmed settings for different touch controls for cocktails, lemonades, hearty soups, sauces, and much more.

The settings work using automated patterns of pausing and pulsing with precision. The Ninja Foodi also comes with 6 manual modes for personalized recipes and three-speed levels.

Ninja includes a tamper to help push ingredients closer to the blades for the smoothest results. It is perfect for cooks who enjoy ice cream.

Hassle-free cleaning 
Cleaning this blender is a breeze with a one-touch dedicated program that provides hassle-free cleaning. Additionally, the blades have been designed with a safe edge to make it easier to clean the base when you need to, without hurting your fingers.

All its parts are dishwasher safe with a non-stick surface, which means less and easier cleaning. The design of the pitcher is also easier to clean because it’s non-stick.


  • It is compatible with hot and cold ingredients
  • Has 12 intelligent presets programs for convenience
  • Has a self-cleaning mode for easier cleaning
  • All its components are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free


  • A few customers said it’s heavy and cumbersome

The Auto IQ programs are a decent feature, and the heating and user element works well for making soups and dips. The ceramic coating offers an eye-catching appearance to improve your kitchen’s décor. If you have enough counter space, the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot is worth the money.

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