KitchenAid KFCB519PA Cordless Chopper [Review]


Recently, KitchenAid announced its new collection of cordless appliances, including this 5-cup food chopper that is a real lifesaver for those who hate to chop onions, tomatoes, and other prep ingredients. It is the first-ever cordless chopper, giving users full control and flexibility when prepping ingredients for smoothies, salsas, and so much more.

Although it can work with any ingredients, it works best for onions because the onion layers combined with the grid produce diced onions with one swift motion. What makes this chopper even more attractive is the price at under 100 dollars, making it one of the most affordable food choppers out there.

Read on this KitchenAid cordless chopper review to find out its features.

Powerful Lithium-Ion battery

This food chopper has all the power you need to handle both soft and hard ingredients. It sports a powerful lithium battery that offers optimum runtime and performance and requires just two hours to charge from empty to full.

On a full charge, it can dice up 40 onions based on onion size, which is impressive for its size and power. The appliance has a battery indicator that notifies you when more charge is needed. The package includes also comes with a convenient charger included.

Sturdy blades

The compact unit comes with a versatile stainless steel blade that mixes, chops, and purees with ease. The chopper has two adjustments for speed for better flexibility and control over your recipes. The chunky ingredients like onions can be chopped up using the high speed, while the low speed is useful for tomatoes and hearty ingredients. KitchenAid cordless chopper comes with a 5-cup bowl capacity for small to medium tasks.

Whisk accessory

Another nifty addition in the package is the whisking accessory that is great for whipping cream and turning out fluffy eggs. Besides, it’s dishwasher-safe, so no need to worry about clean up. This unit allows you to keep your kitchen free of unwanted clutter, thanks to a convenient in-bowl whisk accessory storage.

Easy to use

This food chopper is pretty straightforward to use. Just place your ingredients and set your preferred speed. This unit has numerous colors to spruce up your kitchen, including empire red, onyx black, blue velvet, sheer white, matte charcoal grey, black matte, and passion red.


  • Offers a powerful battery that can slice up to 40 onions on a full charge
  • It offers excellent versatility
  • Offers numerous colors to choose from
  • It is dishwasher safe


  • It’s not ideal for bigger tasks

Coming from the brand that sells the best blenders and traditional choppers to customers around the world, there is every reason to try out this cordless chopper. It is ideal for anyone who needs an innovative unit that can add versatility and is affordable. It’s designed for small to medium jobs like chopping soft tomatoes, making salsas, dips, and works well for whipping. It is unique, convenient, and affordable.

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