Ninja Foodi DZ201 Air fryer [Review]


The dark grey stainless steel Ninja DZ201 is a versatile air fryer that offers six functions in one machine and an 8-quart capacity, enough for the whole family. It’s useful if you intend to cut down on calories and still enjoy crispy fried foods, guilt-free.

Ninja uses a unique air fryer with two separate baskets that function independently to allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. This means you can customize time and temperature for each basket as you wish, which is a time saver as you don’t have to wait for each item to cook to start the next one. Besides, the smart synchronization function ensures that cooking is finished at the same time in both zones.

Ninja Foodi 2 DZ201 Air fryer feature

Are you looking for a modern air fryer for basic cooking tasks for your small family? Check out the Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 Air fryer review to know whether it’s a good choice for you.

Multifunctional 6-in-1 appliance

The Ninja Foodi dual-zone air fryer has six presets, one-touch functions to choose from, including; air fry, reheat, roast, dehydrate, air broil, and bake. Use the air fry for cooking crispy foods like French fries and kitchen wings. The roast option is useful when you need to cook roasted vegetables or casseroles. The reheat is good for leftovers, and the dehydrate works for homemade potato chips. The bake is great for cakes, and you can air broil food when you like.

Wide temperature range

The Ninja Air Fryer offers an impressive range of 1050F all the way to 4000F. This is a big range that allows you to cook limitless recipes for your family and guests. The lower end is suitable for dehydrating fruits and veggies, while the high end allows you to cook denser foods like chicken.

8-quart capacity

The ceramic-coated non-stick Ninja air fryer is the perfect size for small to medium families and social get-togethers alike. You can fit mains and sides at the same time to accommodate up to 4 lbs. of French fries, tofu, fish sticks, or chicken wings. The large size also makes it suitable for reheating leftovers – no more cold-in-the-middle microwaved leftovers.

Easy cleanup

Just like the other Ninja Foodi air fryers, the DZ201 offers a non-stick interior that’s simple to clean. The baskets are metallic, which makes them dishwasher safe. It’s, however, recommended that hand-wash them as this would extend their usability.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • easy to use
  • it’s highly versatile


  • picks up a big counter space

The Ninja Foodi 2 basket air fryer is a worthy pick considering the quality build, easy operation, appealing design, and versatility. The two-basket design is one of its selling points because it allows you to cook two things at the same time. Although you might need to have enough space to acquire it, the 8-quart capacity justifies this, especially if you have a few people to serve. Most users recommended the machine as well.

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