Ninja Chef Countertop Blender [Review]


With a 1500-watt motor, variable speed dial, and ten pre-programmed cycles, the Ninja Chef CT805 is one of the best mid-priced blenders on the market currently. With this powerful unit, you can do almost every task in the kitchen from making smoothies to mixing the dough.

Ninja Blenders have a good reputation among customers as blenders that work insanely well while costing cheaper. We looked into some of its features.

Features that make Ninja Chef Countertop Blender Stand out

The Ninja Chef CT805 comes with a strong motor of 1500w to crush any of your ingredients. Whether its ice, nuts, frozen fruit or green leafy veggies, you can rush them with ease. The blender features the traditional blades that are set at the bottom of the appliance. These next-generation blades come with a new design that has 4 prongs. Ninja says that this design pulls ingredients downwards to ensure a better contact with the blades and hence better results.  

Large Pitcher
For larger families, this blender might be an ideal choice to have in the kitchen, thanks to its 72-ounce pitcher. This is the larger pitcher as there is the single-serve cup in case you are on the go. The containers are made up of BPA free plastic hence safe for your health. The large pitcher also comes with a vented lid in case you want to create the soup.

Additionally, this blender is designed with the Smart Vessel Recognition that automatically notifies you if you put the large pitcher or the single-serve cup. This is important to eliminate guesswork with the motor being able to match the speed of each container. Both containers are dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean.  

Auto-cleaning function
Cleaning the large 72-ounce pitcher might seem like too much work, but it’s not, thanks to the in-built cleaning preset. After you are done with blending, put some water and dishwashing liquid in the container. Now press the clean button which is right beside the switch and let the blender clean itself. Ensure that you rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue.

Another feature that Ninja added to this unit is the tamper. This tool helps to push down the ingredients for maximum contact with the blades. The tool comes handy when you need to make a recipe with very little liquid such as ice cream.

Easy interface
You do not have to use a cluster of buttons when operating this blender. It comes with a sleek design with a rotary dial in the middle as well as LED lights in the background for Auto-IQ tests. The interface involves 6 different modes, such as Auto-1Q, Manual mode, Clean, Timer, and Pulse.

Also, it boasts 10 IQ options such as Smoothie, soup, frozen drink, extract. Flour, puree, ice cream, salsa, nut butter, and dressing. Most kitchen enthusiasts love it for this versatility.


  • It comes with 10 automatic presets

  • It is dishwasher safe and self-cleaning

  • Has a tamper for tough ingredients


  • Might be a little bit too noisy

The Ninja Chef CT805 is a versatile option that offers excellent value for money. It is powerful and capable of making smoothies, soups, mill grains, and so much more. With a modern solid design, it’s well worth a try.

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