Omega MM900HDS Juicer [Review]


Centrifugal juicers still extract juice from celery, but it ends up damaging too many nutrients. Although it’s healing when you consume right away after juicing, a slow masticating juicer like the Omega MM900HDS can help you produce high-quality juice that’s richer in nutrients. It doesn’t generate as much heat when juicing, which preserves nutrients from your celery.

The MM900HDS was designed to extract more juice than any other juicer model we looked at. This means you will need less celery to get more juice than you would with another model. Ultimately, you end up spending less on celery. Here’s what makes it outstanding.

Dual-stage extraction

The Omega juicer’s dual-stage system means that the fruit or veggie is crashed first before the pulp is ejected and squeezed in the second stage. This is the main reason why this juicer produces more yield and a dry pulp at the end. The MM900HDS comes with an adjustable end cap attachment that ensures maximum extraction and lets you juice other produce by adjusting the pressure setting that works best for your ingredients.

150-watt Motor

Another thing we liked about the Omega juicer is that it’s powerful with a 150 watts motor to crush your ingredients and get most of the nutrients from hard and soft produce. Although it’s among the best juicers for leafy greens like kale, it’s also suitable for fruits and hard produce like garlic. Besides, it runs at 80 RPM, meaning you will get the job quicker without heat-related damage and oxidation of nutrients.

Another benefit is that it runs quietly, so you need not worry about waking up other people in the neighborhood. This makes it perfect for those who wish to make celery juice the first thing in the morning because it’s best when taken on an empty stomach.

Easy cleaning

All parts of this juicer are detachable and dishwasher safe. However, you may want to soak them in warm soapy water to soak for some time before putting them in the dishwasher. This model also lets you have a continuous juicing operation, thanks to the pulp ejection function. You do not have to pause and remove pulp like with most juicers, which saves lots of your time and mess.

15-year warranty

Omega is known for making high-quality machines, and with this model, they’ve stood behind its quality by offering an industry-leading warranty of 15 years. The slow juicer is durable with tough materials and designs to ensure years of use without a break. In case of any breakage issues, omega has a reliable customer service that should sort you out. In other words, it’s a heavy-duty juicer that you can depend on.


  • Offers amazing juice quality
  • Produces more yield
  • It’s sturdy and versatile
  • Comes with a specialized attachment for celery


  • It has a narrow chute, meaning you may need to chop your celery into smaller pieces before feeding it.

The Omega MM900HDS is one of the best juicers for making celery juices and other basic juice recipes. Most customers praise it for producing dry pulp so you won’t be buying too much produce. Omega provides the longest warranty in the industry as a mark of high quality so you can trust the Omega masticating juicer. The initial cost might seem high, but it pays itself in a few years. Invest in MM900HDS if you love juicing.

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