Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker [Review]


The Calphalon programmable coffee maker is the latest offering from Calphalon, which is among the leading producers of premium appliances in America. This coffee maker combines high-performance heating with dual insulation to maintain the entire brewing cycle’s optimal temperature.

The result is a fine brew to fit your coffee desires, and you can even set how strong you want the brew to be for each batch. The 14 cup capacity will keep you supplied with hot, freshly brewed coffee. An additional mid-cycle option allows you to grab a cup of the brew without having to pause and restart the brew cycle manually.

Read on to discover the unique features and capabilities of the Calphalon programmable coffee maker that make it a must-have.

Perfect temperature control

The Calphalon programmable coffee maker relies on a combination of a high-performance heater and dual insulted heating tube to heat up the water to the most optimal brewing temperature. The coffee maker holds the temperature between 195° and 205° F throughout the entire brewing cycle to extract the incredible coffee flavor from the coffee grounds. 

Expertly crafted warming plate

This coffee maker features an expertly crafted warming plate with adjustable heat settings allowing you to set the brew’s temperature just the way you like it. The warming plate is also made of aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant.  Its shiny surface will keep the coffee maker looking like new over the years. The aluminum surface on the warming plate also serves to distribute the heat evenly. 

Fully programmable

The Calphalon coffee maker allows you to fully customize its brewing modes, such as the brew later feature, which allows you to set ahead of time when you want the machine to brew. You can also change when the machine turns off with the auto-off timer selector or set how hot you want the brew to be kept once the cycle is complete. 

Ergonomic design

The Calphalon coffee maker ergonomic design allows it to take as little space as possible on your countertop while still remaining easy to access and safe to use around other appliances. The carafe is also designed to make it easy to serve the hot brew without any spillage. 

Decalcification sensor

This coffee maker comes with a decalcification sensor that will automatically alert you when to clean the machine. This ensures proper and regular maintenance to keep the performance at an optimal level while also extending its lifetime. 

Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker Temperature ground
Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker Setting
Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker Timer
Calphalon Programmable Coffee Maker Temperature


  • Ships with a durable gold-tone filter that’s also fully reusable
  • The machine is fully programmable
  • Advanced water filtration system to reduce the rate of calcification
  • The package includes a measuring scoop.


  • The filter in the water reservoir needs regular changing.

The Calphalon coffee maker offers the best value for your money with its combination features. You can rest assured that your coffee will always be brewed at the right temperature for the best flavor with this coffee maker. The Calphalon offers an ergonomic and attractive design that will fit perfectly on any kitchen counter for years to come.

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