Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven [Review]


Hamilton Beach is one of those few brands that provide economical yet high-quality kitchen appliances. This appliance is popular due to its friendly price and versatility. Are you looking for a convenient appliance to own to help you cook and toast food quickly and efficiently, then the 31123D is worth considering.

People with mobility issues will appreciate this toaster oven that features a roll-top door which can easily move up and out of the way. Read about more of its features below.

Features that make Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven (31123D) stand out

Compact design
Small enough to fit in a tight kitchen counter but with a large interior capacity to prepare more food, the Hamilton Beach oven with Convection is designed with space and practicality in mind. The measurements of this appliance are 9.4 x 8.7 x 15.2 inches and weigh 13.95 lbs. The door lifts through its comfortable handle and can be placed on top of the toaster, which not only saves space but also keeps it secure.

This is a convection oven that allows hot air to circulate fast inside the oven to increase the speed of cooking and toasting of food. This is a nice feature for busy professionals who may be a rush in the mornings and need to toast efficiently and with precision. The 31123D can fit a 12” pizza or a 9 x 11” bake pan to cook many types of food.

This unit also adapts to your needs with broil and toast functions and offers three rack positions so that you can adjust depending on how much room you need. The toaster comes ready with a baking rack and pan so you can begin preparing food. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust the rack and between two different positions to get closer to the heating element.

Easy to Use
Speaking of operation, Hamilton Beach included contoured knobs to make it easy for anyone to dial. Most customers have applauded this feature as they don’t need to move a lot like the elderly. While it may be hard to adapt for some people, the manufacturer designed it with safety in mind so the toaster cannot be easily turned with little hands.

Versatile cooking options
This one is packed with versatile cooking options such as baking cakes and crisping cookies, roasting, and broiling salmon. This makes it ideal for people who love snacks and other new dishes.


  • It toasts quickly
  • Very easy to use contoured knobs
  • Easy to clean with its sleek finish that requires minimal effort


  • The back part of the toaster cooks a bit faster than the front so you may have to keep checking your items

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven (31123D) would be a great addition to your kitchen if you need something affordable and toasts food quickly. It has a large capacity and won’t take lots of space on your counter. It comes with a 1-year warranty which offers more value.

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