Blendtec GO Cup 800 Blender [Review]


The Go Set is handy for those who want to prepare delicious smoothies and take some on travel using the same container. The set includes a removable blade system, a 34 oz. blend-in-cup and a spill-proof lid for travel.

It’s a versatile machine that can blend any feasible ingredients from fruits to veggies as well as frozen ingredients. The Blendtec Go Set is also one of the quietest blenders, operating at the sound level of a conversation. As a result, it’s a great choice from homes with seniors, children, or the sick.

In this Blendtec Go Set Review, you will learn its features, and whether it’s a worthy pick.

Features That Make the Blendtec Go Set Stand Out

Powerful motor
The professional 800 sports a 3.8 peak HP motor to crush and whip all ingredients. The machine can spin the blades at 29,000 rpm to smash any ingredient you put in. The blender can do pretty much everything from simple cutting and puree to grinding frozen ingredients.

Despite being so powerful, one thing that most customers are impressed with is how quiet it is. It features noise reduction features such as stealth technology which uses a 360-degree sound enclosure around the motor base. This sound dampening airflow technology ensures quieter blending even at the highest speed.

Efficient Blades
The blades feature stainless steel to make it easier to pulverize ingredients and achieve a smooth texture. The cold-forged hardened blades feature a wingtip to break larger ingredients effortlessly, and a 2-pronged design makes it possible to scrap the final mixture with ease. Also, the edge of the blade is designed to be safe-to-touch, which makes it easier to clean the base without hurting your fingers.

User-friendly Controls
The Go Set is equipped with an illuminated touch interface that offers an easy way to set your preferred speed, time, and preset program. The blender’s interface also lets you see the time remaining and other important information about the operation.

With 6 pre-programmed cycles to help you make anything from smoothies to juices, margaritas, soups, cappuccino, and much more. The Blendtec Go Set offers 11 speeds for ultimate precision depending on the ingredients. The soft-start feature is another excellent addition to reduce messes when blending.

The WildSide Jar
You also get a BPA-free container with a unique fifth side to blend faster. The innovative design also helps to pull ingredients closer to the blades to ensure smoother blends without using a tamper. Additionally, the corners of the jar act as a spout when you want to pour your smoothie in a tumbler.

The jar can hold up to 90 oz. (2.7 liters), with a blending capacity of 36 oz. You also get a lower capacity jar that can hold up to 34 oz. With a blending capacity of 24 oz. It also comes with a vented gripper lid for users on-the-go. The jar markings help to take the guesswork out blending because you just put the right amount of ingredients.


  • Offers a powerful motor and blades
  • Comes with numerous presets
  • Has variable speed controls and a pulse feature


  • Could be pricier than most blenders

Are you looking for a powerful blender with a quiet operation? This is your ideal choice blender. Blendtec Go Set is feature-rich and offers high performance, convenience, and versatility all in one. Though you may have to dig deeper to acquire this model, it’s worth it.

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