Vitamix Immersion Blender [Review]


If kitchen space is an issue for you, then you can only get small appliances like the Vitamix handheld blender. The Vitamix immersion blender is ideal for anyone who loves mixing smoothies, shakes, creams, single-serve sauces, or blending hot soups. The small gadget is also helpful for creating mashed potatoes.

Note that the immersion blender is not a full-size Vitamix alternative because there are some tasks it cannot do. For instance, it’s not good enough for making green smoothies with kale but it will do just fine with spinach. Also, it’s great for protein shakes that involve bananas, milk, and ice, but won’t be ideal if you add oats.

If this sounds like something you need, read this Vitamix 18-inch Immersion Blender Review to know it’s specs.

650-Watt motor

What makes the Vitamix immersion blender better than most handheld blenders is the robust 650-watt motor, which can handle numerous blending tasks. This includes tasks such as making soup, milkshakes, and salad dressing. It’s also sufficient when you want to beat eggs or peanut butter.

Stick design

The stick has an excellent design that features a stainless steel blade that’s housed in a metal housing for safety. This allows you to dip it in any container that’s 3-inch wide like bowls, smoothie cups, pots, and pitchers. The ergonomic wand makes it easier to operate with one hand while adding the ingredients with the other.

5-variable speeds

Having many speeds gives you precise controls over the texture. You just need to press a high or low button and release it when you attain your ideal speed. Because of the design, it’s easy to control it in the bowl as you switch speeds. You can prepare a plethora of recipes as you keep track of the speed on the LED screen.

Easy cleanup process

No one wants a kitchen appliance that’s challenging to clean. This is why the Vitamix Immersion blender is simple to attach and detach using a twist lock. All you have is to twist the motor base from the head to separate them. Clean the arm’s blade under running water or place it in a dishwasher. Use a damp sponge to clean the motor body without getting it wet. It’s extremely a simple process.

Long cord

Vitamix understands the pain that comes with switching sockets to try and reach near-the-corner of your countertop. This immersion blender has a longer 5-foot cord that should ensure more flexibility in your kitchen. A corded immersion blender also keeps running for long periods, rather than losing charge when using cordless immersion blenders.


  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Has 5 variable speeds
  • Has scratch resistant surface
  • LED speed display is convenient


  • A few people said that too many speeds can be cumbersome
Vitamix Immersion Blender view

The market has some quality immersion blenders, and Vitamix is one of them. It’s more feature-rich than most models, allowing for limitless possibilities. Vitamix is a big brand that’s built to commercial standards, and their products feel robust, including this stainless steel immersion blender. They also included a manual with simple recipes to guide you as you start using it.

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