The Neo by Flair Espresso Maker [Review]


A good espresso maker should brew a flavorful coffee in no time with the pump-action mechanism. If you are a true espresso lover, there’s the Flair Neo Espresso machine that allows you to make high-quality espresso at home.

The key difference with this model is it applies pressure using a hand-pump system, not an electric pump. This is not just more beneficial to the environment but also seems to produce more flavorful coffee. What even makes it stand out from other models is the low cost compared to a typical lever-press espresso machine.

The Neo is the first of the Flair coffee makers and less sophisticated than its counterparts – the classic and flair espresso pro. Read on to find out why Flair NEO is the best choice for you.

Quality build

At a glance, it’s clear that the Neo is well-made and high-quality. The frames are made of high-grade aluminum and other stainless steel elements. The construction promises a coffee that’s free from the unnatural taste, a common issue with plastic models. The Flair espresso machine ensures high-quality coffee due to its design that regulates water flow to maximize mixing with coffee to get the most out of your grind. The Neo comes with a carry bag that gives it extra protection and minimizes chances of breaking. Both the stainless steel brewing and aluminum stand are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Flow control portafilter

The Neo features a flow-control portafilter that makes it easier to brew water through the grounds for consistent extraction. Having a restricted exit port means that even your grind will have enough contact with the water for maximum extraction.

Ease of use

You can use the Flair machine without any skill or experience, owing to its simple build. You just need to go through the manual once, and you are your barista yourself. First, it comes packed in a travel case, so you need to assemble it first, which is as easy as pie because it has a base, a lever, and a brew chamber. No bells and no whistles.

To use, preheat the head so that brewing water maintains the heat and dry off the head to pour the required amount of ground coffee. You should tamp the coffee grounds to infuse properly with water and then cover the grounds. Fill the reservoir with hot water and then set the lever to the required pressure while serving the coffee through the exit port.

The Neo by Flair Espresso Maker feature


  • It’s built to last
  • Affordable price tag
  • It’s portable with a travel case
  • Its environmentally friendly


  • It can be time-consuming to make a shot

If you need more convenience and want to leave your espresso machine to do everything, then you need an automatic model. The Neo is ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy hands-on brewing and those who are willing to make a flavorful shot before leaving for work. The fact of the matter is the Flair neo price is well worth considering the results.

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