Breville Boss To Go Sport Blender [Review]


Whether you want to make the finest blended drink on the planet or extract maximum nutrients in your healthy ingredients, the little Boss has all the power that you require. It can blend tough ingredients like kales and berry seeds into the finest smoothies without straining.

It has a sleeker design with a stainless steel housing, which should look good on your kitchen countertop. Besides, Breville makes some of the best kitchen appliance products in the market so you can rest assured that the Sport blender will work like the machine you expect.

Features that make Breville Boss to Go Stand Out

Powerful Motor and Blades
The high-grade die-cast metal sports a powerful 1000W motor which makes blending much easier and efficient. Apart from the incredible motor base, the unit has three blades to whip the ingredients thoroughly. They can even tackle iced ingredients, dried fruits, and even nuts, just like a boss.

The biggest win for this appliance over the rest is that it’s easier to wash the blades by hand. They are not too sharp to cut your fingers and are recessed far away from the base that you can even reach the space under for cleaning.

BPA-Free Tritan cup
One thing that most customers rave about the blender is the lids which are among the best travel lids in any personal blender. With the basic set, you get 23-ounce and another 16-ounce to-go cups to measure a personalized drink. Both of them feature Titan Copolyester plastic which is built to withstand impacts and high temperature.

The two tumblers have smooth rimmed edges, making them the great to drink directly from them, even without a lid. It’s worth noting that the cups feel thick and studier than others from similar personal blenders and the lids screw on makes them easy to use on-the-go.

Easy Cleanup
All components of the Breville Boss To Go are dishwasher-safe (Except the motor base). This includes the blade bases, cups, and lids. But this is not the only reason why this unit is easier to clean. Very few users report any leaking from this blender, which tends to be a common complaint among users of personal blenders.

A nice design feature is they designed the cups to lock into the motor base tightly, which prevents any spilling. If you do have any drips, the metal casing is non-stick, so you need to clean using a damp cloth.

Another cleaning method is to put some water in the cup and add a few drops of detergents then blend for 10 seconds. Do not use hot water as steam can build up and crack the appliance.


  • Has a heavy-duty feel with classic design
  • Delivers excellent consistency for smoothies, pureeing soup, etc.
  • The containers are sturdy and BPA-free
  • Extremely easy to clean


  • The motor base features small plastic tabs, which some users complained that they broke overtime after dishwasher cleaning

For blending enthusiasts, this blender from Breville is among the most versatile blenders. It can blend both coarse and fine ingredients and has been built to last. If you need a machine to whip leafy greens, ice, fruit, and make shakes, look no further!

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