Blendtec Professional 800 Blender [Review]


The Blendtec Pro 800 offers one of the most powerful yet the quietest blender you can find. Anyone considering buying the Professional 800 will be thrilled to know that it’s one of the best blenders under 800 dollars.

This new Blendtec blender is more suitable for both home and commercial use. It is ideal for preparing smoothies, hot soups, and other foods. Read this Blendtec Professional 800 review to find out its outstanding benefits.

Powerful motor and blade

It is hard to believe how quiet this blender operates with 1800 watts of motor power. This is twice more powerful than a standard blender and should be more than what you need for most home preparations.

With its laser-cut stainless steel blade, the machine should work quickly on any ingredients such as ice, frozen fruits, and raspberries. The blade has a wingtip that blends larger components without cutting them in smaller pieces, thus saving time. Cleaning the final mixture has been made easier, thanks to a two-pronged blade design.

High speed

As is with other Blendtec blenders, the Pro 800 is equipped with a backlit user interface that offers a straightforward way to operate the blender using a touch of a finger. There are 11 increment speeds to blend your ingredients with the ideal speeds and a pulse button for manual blending and cleaning. The blender has an impressive speed of about 4080rpm per minute at the highest speed to crush all ingredients.

Stealth technology

What makes this machine stand out ahead of the rest is the stealth technology system that makes the blender so silent. The sound enclosure system features a unique dampening air-flow technology that reduces the air intakes even at the highest speed setting. The Professional 800 operates at the sound of a normal conversation (less than 67 decibels), making it the quietest blender in the world.

BPA-free WildSide+ jar

You will also receive a 90-ounce jar with a unique 5th side that creates a vortex for the ingredients to get to the blades. The container features clear markings on the surface for easy measurement of ingredients. You can scrape out thicker mixtures with less effort, thanks to the flat-sided design. The wide design also makes it easier to clean because you can reach the base.

The top of the jar comes with a vented gripper lid that closes with a snapping sound. The vent allows the pressure to escape when blending hot ingredients. The opening also allows you to add ingredients while blending.

Six presets

The professional 800 comes with 6 presets for batters, smoothies, mixed drinks, whole Juice, hot soup, and pulse. Blendtec’s popular Smart-Touch technology enables you to touch a preset once and walk away. The package also comes with a Blentec Professional 800 manual that should guide you on use.


  • It has a quiet operation
  • It’s extremely powerful
  • It’s easy to use with presets and manual modes
  • Offers a generous 10-year warranty


  • It’s large and might need a lot of space in the kitchen

This is hands down the quietest blender you can get and still have enough power to blend anything. The price is a bit high, but you get a best-in-class 10-year warranty to safeguard your investment. The manufacturer also provides free 2-way shipping in case there’s any problem with the blender you received. You also get a comprehensive recipe book to guide you through preparing tasty drinks. This is an excellent blender that should give you quality service for many years to come.

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