Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor [Review]


Looking for a reliable food processor for your home kitchen? The Ninja Professional Plus is the right choice if you have numerous tasks in the kitchen. It can grate, slice, chop, knead, and puree so many foods with minimal effort. There are many useful attachments provided for this model to make it versatile for keen cooks.

In our Ninja Professional Plus review, we highlight its main features.

1000-watt motor

With a motor this powerful, it’s right to assume that it can process just about anything. It sports a 1000 watts motor, which is impressive for under $200. Despite this motor power, it functions quietly, producing velvety smooth purees.

You can slice veggies to make toppings in no time for your Taco Tuesday. Ninja also claims this is the best food processor for dough you can knead 2 lbs. of dough in less than 30 seconds, which is impressive at its price.

Blades and discs

What makes this unit so precise is the different assorted blades that give you the freedom to dice, slice, and shred your ingredients without worrying about liquefying them. It has a micro-saw edged blade that is s-shaped to shop components into consistent proportions.

The slicing discs include the whisking disc, variable slicing disc, a shredding disc, and French fry cutting disc. You can vary the thickness of the slices using the variable slicing disc.

Four iQ intelligent presets

Ninja is popular for the IQ intelligent interface that makes your cooking much easier by having preset for simple recipes. This allows for hands-free operation, and you spend less time chopping veggies, making sauces, shredding cheese, and cooking dough. Just choose from the interface using one-touch buttons on the screen.

Large bowl

This fantastic food processor also comes with a large capacity bowl that can accommodate 9 cups of dry ingredients. The bowl is the reason that it comes with such a powerful motor to make the processing of numerous ingredients effortless.

There is also a food pusher to help with pushing food down the chute. The small pusher is useful for controlling how you process smaller and larger ingredients. Besides, you don’t have to reduce the size of the ingredients when feeding the Ninja Professional Plus, thanks to the extra-wide chute.

Easy to setup

Overall, this is one of the easiest food processors you can get as a beginner. It features parts that are easy to detach when you need to clean. You can use a hand wash using a dump cloth that way you can prolong use. When you want to clean the interior, pulse some water and detergent to clean the blades and bowl. An advantage with this model is all parts are dishwasher safe, although this can shorten the life of the plastic body.


  • Has a powerful 1000-watt motor for any ingredients
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Has the 4 iQ intelligent preset


  • It can be hard to clean the shredding disc

For people who love experimenting in the kitchen, this model is a suitable option for you. It’s easy to use with numerous unique features such as the 4 iQ presets and the powerful motor that can handle anything. It is also compact to fit in smaller kitchens. Coming from a reputable brand like Ninja, you can never go wrong.

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