De’Longhi Star Wars Duo Pressure Cooker [Review]


The instant pot store offers its latest product, the Star Wars duo pressure cooker, designed for convenience. Canadians designed it to fit all your pressure cooking needs by being dependable, convenient, and safe to use on any kitchen counter. The dup pressure cooker offers seven functionalities, allowing you to slow cook, use it as a rice cooker, and even saute your favorite meals, among others. The slim body design fits perfectly with the modern kitchen without taking up any valuable counter space, and either left or right-handed users can use its lid holder.

Star Wars Duo Pressure Cooker view
Star Wars Duo Pressure Cooker side

Read on to discover the Star Wars duo pressure cooker’s unique features that make it a necessary addition to your kitchen.

Smart cooking programs

The Star Wars pressure cooker replaces up to seven kitchen equipment with a single unit that can handle pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, sauteing, and keeping the food warm. These functions are further aided by the 14 dedicated smart programs that allow you to make your favorite recipes with just a button’s press.

The programs include soup, stew, chilli, rice, porridge, multigrain, poultry, slow cook, pasteurize and keep warm function to keep the food warm and ready to serve when needed. These cooking presets can be programmed and adjusted to fit your recipes as needed, and the pressure cooker will remember your preferences for future use. 

Stainless steel build

This pressure cooker is designed to withstand long term use by incorporating a stainless steel exterior build and 304 stainless steel inner cooking pot. As a result, the pressure cooker does not have any chemical coating in its interior, which might otherwise end up in your food. The stainless steel surfaces are also easy to clean after use, and the exterior is fingerprint resistant and scratch-resistant.

The pressure cooker has a 3-ply bottom that evenly distributes heat in the pressure cooker for even cooking. This is aided by the fully sealed environment that traps the flavors and aromas within the food for the ultimate cooking experience.

Smart monitoring

The Star Wars duo pressure cooker relies on the latest third generation microprocessor to monitor the cooking cycle. This automatically keeps track of the cooking pressure and temperature while adjusting the heating intensity to achieve the desired cooking results.

The smart monitoring also adjusts the cooking duration and triggers the keep warm function depending on your needs.


  • Features ten patented technologies and proven safety mechanisms that maintain consistency and eliminating common errors.
  • Ships with fourteen programmable cooking presets to fit your recipe needs.
  • It has a 24-hour timer that allows for delayed cooking.
  • Ships with extra accessories, including a condensation collector and stainless steel steam rack with handles


  • The condensation collector is bound to heat up during use.
Star Wars Duo Pressure Cooker in kitchen

The Star Wars duo pressure cooker offers the best combination of versatility and functionality in the market right now. With this pressure cooker, you no longer need to acquire additional kitchen equipment, saving you on cash and countertop space. The pressure cooker traps flavors and aromas for mouth-watering meals. Its slick design will fit in perfectly with any kitchen decor. 

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