Braun MQ7035 Immersion Hand Blender [Review]


Braun is a German brand founded over a century ago and is considered one of the best when it comes to kitchen appliances. Braun’s immersion blender is known to have lots of power to produce finer results better than its counterparts. The MQ7035 stainless steel immersion hand blender has a sleek ergonomic design that features three different accessories for versatility in the kitchen.

Read on to find what features of Braun immersion hand blender.

500-watt motor

The Braun hand blender comes with a high-quality and powerful 500 motor that can handle different ingredients, both soft and hard. This is a highly efficient motor that will adapt to power, depending on your cooking needs. The results of such a powerful unit is you get almost twice better blending than with standard immersion blenders.

Versatile functionality

As said, there are 3 different accessories included in this Braun 500 watt hand blender. The blending shaft is excellent for making soup from boiled veggies and even meat. The attachment is also ideal for dips, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and sauces. Also, the shaft is useful for homogenizing soft and fruits and less stringy veggies.

The whisker attachment is designed to whip cream, beat egg whites and yolks. It’s also more than capable of whisking egg whites to produce perfect meringue. The whisker also helps to mix sponge cakes and mix desserts.

The chopper accessory is great for chopping meat, herbs, onions, vegetables, and nuts. However, use small amounts of ingredients on the bowl.

ActiveBlade technology

What truly impressed most customers is the integrated Activeblade technology that allows even the toughest ingredients to be blended with ease. This technology provides 250% more blade cutting surface to ensure smoother results with unwanted pieces of food that you usually find when using a regular hand blender.

Splash Control technology

Braun has taken a further step in bringing in the Splash Control technology that ensures that when you turn on the blender, it blends everything within the bowl without messing around with splashes. This keeps your kitchen mess-free.

Smart Speed technology

The Braun hand blender features the Smart Speed technology that gives users the ability to adjust blending power with the touch of a button. Simply squeeze the button on the motor with one hand to better the results. Braun claims that this technology ensures 50% finer results.

PowerBell Plus technology

Another great addition is the PowerBell Plus technology that offers an extra milling blade. This lets you blend more ingredients and is particularly useful when dealing with large and tougher pieces of food. With the PowerBell Plus technology, you require less effort to crush the toughest of ingredients.

EasyClick System

This is a system that lets you use your attachments as you prepare ingredients. With the EasyClick system feature, you get the versatility to choose attachment for chopping, mashing crushing, blending, and pureeing ingredients.


  • It comes with a powerful motor
  • Offers multiple attachments
  • Mess-free usage
  • Has an affordable price tag


  • Might not be the easiest to use

The Braun immersion blender is one of the best options for cooks who like experimenting with tons of ingredients. The powerful motor can blend almost anything you throw at it, and you can also use the blender as a mini-food processor. Considering the price and the value you get, it’s definitely worth every penny.

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