Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender, Black [Review]


Blend Creatively with Braun MQ505 MultiQuick Hand Blender Written by: kellymoto   Your favorite flavor is now within reach. Whether you like pureeing, whisking, mixing, smoothing or shaking, Braun M505 MultiQuick Hand Blender, Black is an all-inclusive blender that expands your cuisine horizons. It is one precision piece and must-have kitchen equipment for anyone that values efficiency, flexibility and above all—healthy living.


Braun MQ505 comes with multiple attachments which includes a beaker and whisk. The attachments give you added flexibility so you can broaden the creativity of your desserts. The lightweight design renders it an ergonomically fit piece for those who adore flexibility. In fact, you can hold, operate and carry it around efficiently without getting fatigued. The stainless steel body is another great feature that gives it added durability. Braun MQ505 can handle all forms of abuse, impact, and scratches. The high gloss black accents make it a stylish piece.

There’s also the patented PowerBell Head System that allows you to taste new textures and flavors. The power-bell head shaft renders MQ505 one anti-suction tool and lets you move the blender inside the container smoothly thus giving you quick and excellent results. For handling safety, Braun MultiQuick features an anti-slip ergonomic grip that elevates the stability of your tool which provides you with an efficient blending performance. Instances of awkward movements that make blender rage out of control is a thing of the past. You’ll also not fail to commend on the high-efficiency German-engineered motor. Braun MQ505 operates on a 350-watt motor that makes all whisking, pureeing and blending more comfortable.


  • The high-efficiency German-made motor provides evenly balanced power allowing you to accomplish your blending, chopping, pureeing, mixing and whisking efficiently.
  • There are no instances of splashing and suction of food. Within a flash, you can puree and mix your food while it stays right inside the mixing bowl stockpot or beaker. This reduces instances of messes on your countertop.
  • It is very durable and easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel blades can withstand various blending and pureeing tasks without compromising on durability.
  • Quick and easy to use. The EasyClick feature lets you switch and remove attachments in a touch of a button.


  • The splash-proof head design restricts blending of frozen fruits from accessing the blade head. The head also inhibits aeration making eggs appear more watery rather than fluffy.

  • The power is still insufficient for heavy-duty tasks. It could have been better if it had more power.

  • There is no speed control. You have to depress the button every time the motor is engaged, and this can be a bit inconveniencing.

Blending is fun, enjoyable and health particularly when you have right blending equipment. Braun MQ505 MultiQuick Blender is a convenient hand-held blender that does more than just blending. It can mix, puree, whisk and comminute and so much more. Being a lightweight, slip-proof and easy to use blender, Braun MQ505 is one comfortable and safe blender that should not miss in your kitchen. It is a recommended blender for anyone seeking to advance their creativity to the next level.

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