Blendtec Pro 795 Blender [Review]


Blendtec machines are one of the most powerful blenders on the market. They are perfect for making great smoothies without grit. One of the outstanding models is Blendtec Pro 795 Blender. This model boasts of powerful features and functionalities. It has a peak horsepower of 3.0 and features 11 variable speed controls as well as a pulse button. Another highlight about this unit is that it has an illuminated touchscreen interface display that features a countdown timer and is equipped with a vented lid to prevent spillage.

Let’s discuss these and other features into details.

Features That Makes Blendtec Pro 795 Blender Stand Out

Great Power
The Blendtec Pro 795 is one of the best and most powerful blenders on the market with 3.0 peak horsepower, 15 amps, 120 volts direct motor, which is more powerful than most blender models in its category. Despite having a motor of this capacity, it is still quieter than most models.

Speed Capacity
This blender boasts of 11-speed capacitive touch slider that enables to prepare different smoothies. You can prepare the heartiest soups as well as coarse ingredients for your cooking needs.

This is one of Blendtec’s largest blender with a capacity of 90.0z and dimensions of 8.5″ wide, 17.25″ tall, and 9.13″ deep. It features a low-profile container that allows it to fit underneath most kitchen cabinets comfortably.

Initially designed for commercial usage in smoothie shops, this is a heavier model that is not meant for travel. Weighing 16.2lbs. It is quite heavier than most models in its category.

Quiet operation
This unit features a unique technology that allows it to operate quietly despite its powerful motor. One of the concerns of having a powerful blender is making too much noise when running. With Blendtec Pro 795, you can rest assured that it will not disrupt peace in the house when running thanks to its state of the art technology that makes it run quieter than most models in its category.

Featuring 6 pre-programmed options including smoothie, frozen tarts, hot soup, whole juice, mixed drinks, batters, and 11-speed touch slider plus pulse for manual tuning, you will find this blender a versatile machine to have in your kitchen.

Warranty and durability
If you have made up your mind that this is the blender for you, but you are not fully decided about it, their warranty should clear all the doubts you have since Blendtec offers an 8-year comprehensive warranty for Pro 795. Therefore, for close to a decade, you will be ‘trying out’ this machine. Therefore, you can purchase it with peace of mind that will serve you for many years.


  • It features an easy to clean jar with a single blade and flat sides

  • Durable safety blade pulls the ingredient down thanks to its wing-tipped design. This ensures smoother results

  • Simple touch interface for blending simplicity

  • The jar and lid are made of BPA-free material and thus healthier for you

  • It has a lengthy warranty to safeguard your investment


  • It is too bulky for a small kitchen

This blender from Blendtec has consistently received great consumer reviews thanks to its efficiency and durability. It boasts of great features including powerful motor, user-friendly interface, quiet operation, and a 90-ounce capacity which makes it suitable for medium and large families. This blender is ideal for mixing, pureeing, blending, grinding, and making a dough.

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