Blendtec E600A0801-A1GA1D Chef 600 Countertop Blender [Review]


With affordable pricing, high speeds, and intuitive controls, The Blendtec Chef 600 blender is an excellent option for creative cooks. This commercial blender will have you and your guests whipping up soups, dips, purees, and gourmet salsas that everybody will rave about after.

Fortunately, you don’t need any training to use the Chef 600 Blendtec, thanks to its smart touch interface that requires a one-touch operation with the presets. But that’s not all, check out some of Blendtec Chef 600 features below.

Consistent speed

Unlike many blenders that use varying speeds, this chopper blender provides consistent speed for each setting, with an automatic shut-off of 90 seconds. You can also shut it down using manually. It has the usual speed settings – low, medium, and high. On top of that, use the high pulse button allows you to get more power when blending and pureeing, while the low pulse option lets you chop and mix fragile ingredients.

Ultra-powerful motor

The Chef 600 comes with a commercial-grade 3.0 peak horsepower motor that can crush any ingredients including those containing ice. The 1560-watt motor is built to last, featuring metal gear that enhances the power needed to handle tougher ingredients. On a blender of this power, there’s an auto shut off feature that monitors the temperature and speed to prevent damage

Blunt-edged blades

Blendtec is popular for its blunt-edged single blades that are heavy for efficiency. Unlike the thin and sharp blades, these heavy-duty blades don’t wear easily and can crush even the toughest of ingredients such as kale, nuts, seeds, and ice. With the WildSide jar, the contents go down into the center of the blade for a thorough blend.

WildSide+ Jar

The Chef 600 comes with the WildSide+ Jar that has become a popular option today because it has a 5th wild side that enables more effective blending. Moreover, the WildSide jar comes with a handle that is easy to use when serving.

The container is made of a high-quality Copolyester that is lightweight and sits on the base even when blending at the highest speed setting. The rubber lid keeps all the contents inside the jar, with an opening at the top for easier addition of ingredients.

Outstanding performance

Regarding power, the chef 600 has it in spades. It can blend iced veggies into precise consistency without grit. With the 3 preprogrammed cycles, just pick your desired setting depending on the results you need. For extra blending power, this machine offers a pulse function.

You can prepare salsa, cappuccino, dressings, hummus, sauces, nut butter, and much more. The blender shuts down automatically in case the motor overheats or if unable to blend. The LCD display is also a nice feature for ease of use.


  • It’s durable and stable
  • Comes with digital controls
  • Can be cleaned with ease


  • It is a little bit noisy

The Blendtec Chef 600 is among the finest blenders you’ll find at its price range. It comes with some nice features that will not only be efficient but also enjoyable. It’s a great choice if you want to grind, mix, blend, puree, and more.

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