Bamix M150 SwissLine Immersion Hand Blender [Review]


Bamix is a reputable brand known for its high-quality kitchen products since the 1950s. It was founded by the man who invented the first-ever immersion blender, Roger Perrinjaquet. The Swissline immersion blender from Bamix comes with a powerful motor that has been carefully sealed to last long.

The compact stick blender is designed to last and the handles can comfortably sit into your hand. The all-in-one package comes with a meat mincer, processer, slicer, beater, and whisk. In this In-depth Bamix Swissline review, we take you through this machine and what makes it excellent for you.

Powerful motor

The Bamix hand blender features a 150-watt commercial-grade motor that rotates at an impressive 17000 rpm. The two-speed motor can handle both soft and tough ingredients with the speed you’d expect from a top-quality kitchen machine. Besides, the motor also supplies lots of power without consuming many watts for those who wish to save on bills. Users are impressed by the fact that it does not emit vibration and the operation is silent.

Sturdy blades

The blender comes with a total of four blades, each with specific functions including slicing, blending, chopping, and aerating. The irregular shape of the stainless steel blades creates a vortex that enhances contact with the ingredients for better results. The design pulls ingredients closer to the grave without creating a suction at the lower end.

Simple operation

This machine not only performs well, but it is also pleasing to operate. It is designed with ergonomics in mind so you should find that it grips nicely to the palm. Also, the speed buttons are conveniently located for easier reach and comfort. It comes with just two-speed settings – the low and high speed, for small and large batches of ingredients.

Easy cleaning

What makes the Bamix immersion blender even better is the innovative design that allows for easy cleanup. It comes with a removable shaft that is sealed, allowing you to clean it in a dishwasher or use warm soapy water.

The sealed design of the shaft allows the motor to be partially submerged to provide more immersion depth. Cleaning the head is a bit complicated due to the motor being part, but that’s certainly not a flaw. Better yet, the blades are removable for safer cleaning.


  • It’s powerful with a controlled vortex for better results
  • It has a comfortable grip that fits naturally on the hand
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Not so dishwasher friendly

The Bamix hand blender doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance and features. We like that its compact with a large interior capacity for a large family and an affordable price compared to others of this range. Grab yours today.

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