T-fal All-In-One Nonstick Cookware Set [Review]


Are you in the market for durable cookware set to serve you long enough while offering excellent performance? Well, with proper care, T-Fall anodized cookware set will serve you for years to come. Its base is constructed with high-quality anodized aluminum which is scratch resistant to make it long-lasting.

But what makes it an outstanding choice for you? This T-Fall BOO3SC63 Cookware set review will delve deep into its features and help you decide whether or not it meets your needs.

Benefits of T-Fall 12 Set Cookware That Makes It Outstanding

Highly versatile
When it comes to versatility, the 12 Set anodized cookware covers almost every burner you can get. Whether it is gas, electric, or halogen, you will not experience any snags while preparing a delicacy of your choice.

Thermo Spot technology
To preserve all the natural flavors, preheating is necessary before adding any food. For practical cooking, this set comes with a Thermo spot technology in the interior part of each pan and pot. This circular ring turns solid red to notify you when the pan is ready to go.

Non- Stick Coating
If you are worried about the sticky stains on your cookware that are very difficult to clean, you can rest at ease with this appliance. The top surface is reinforced with titanium on its interior to prevent any possible sticking and hence easier cleaning easier.

Vented tempered glass lid
All pans in this set come with hard glass lids that fit well. During food preparation, they seal in the moisture to speed up cooking. Besides, you can observe all the stages from the clear glass lids.

Strong Base and Silicon Handles
With a strong and anti-warped base in each piece of this product, it can withstand high temperatures of up to 400 degrees F without bending the metal. Additionally, it ensures thorough cooking as heat is evenly distributed to prevent any hotspots.

To prevent burns, the lids come with large looped handles. The handles are covered with silicon to make them heat resistant and are well riveted for a stress-free grip.

Dishwasher and oven safe
Not all cookware sets are dishwasher safe. Luckily, this set is exceptional and comes with a sturdy, anodized metal on the outside to prevent any possible damage when placed in a dishwasher.

With the cookware being oven safe for up to 350 degrees F, you don’t have to transfer food into a different pot as the set can withstand high heat.


  • It is nonstick for easier cleaning
  • It is electric, halogen, ceramic and gas burner friendly for convenience
  • Thermo spot technology lets you know when the pan is ready
  • The clear glass lids allow you to watch how your dish is cooking
  • Handles stay cool and are safe to handle


  • It does not work on induction burners.

The T-fall 12 set cookware is one perfect choice for anyone looking for quality and versatility in a set. This product comes with a lifetime warranty covering all the material defects, which shows that the brand is confident of the quality.

Get this cookware set by T-Fall today!

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