Home Hero Copper Pots and Pans Set [Review]


This set comes with all that you need when getting the best cookware set. It’s high-quality with a sturdy construction and offers excellent cooking experience. The pack offers 23 pieces of utensils to help you prepare and serve in the kitchen. The copper cookware comes as non-stick pans and pots that require less cleaning. Here is what makes it one of the best utensil set for the money.

23-piece set

If you are a food lover who cooks daily, then this non-stick cookware set comes with everything you need in a single set. Apart from copper pans and pots, you also get bonus pan protectors, cleaning sponges, and pan scrapers to clean the set without damaging the coating. In addition, all the items in this set are suitable for regular cooking and dishwasher safe. The set is suitable for use with most power sources such as electricity, gas, halogen, and more. Furthermore, all the components in this set have been made safe with no lead, cadmium, PTFA, and Teflon.

2.8 mm thickness

One of the most important characteristics of any copper cookware is the thickness. A thickness of 2.8 millimeters is perfect as it can heat food evenly and does not lose heat rapidly. Unlike the two millimeters you find in most low-priced cookware, the Home Hero Cookware ensures that the surface offers perfect heat resistance and reliable performance. Besides, the thickness is suitable to resist wrapping, peeling, and chipping.

Heavy-duty construction

The construction of this set is heavy-duty featuring a combination of copper, aluminum, and ceramic. The result is a modern yet durable set that can match the style of any kitchen. The copper frying pan promotes even heat transfer and lasts for decades.

The 8-inch pan has a ceramic interior that also provides reliable heat distribution. However, you may need to be more cautious with the coating as it can start to flake off if you use metal utensils. The non-stick pan will come handy if you like to fry steak, eggs, pancakes, and more. All the handles feature a 430 stainless steel that can resist damage over a long time.


  • It offers numerous pieces for all cooking needs
  • Offers a suitable combination of materials for even heating
  • It’s ideal for use in a variety of ovens and induction
  • It’s lightweight


  • It’s not dishwasher safe

The Home Hero utensil set is a top-quality set that ensures you have everything in the kitchen without spending too much. It is made of very durable materials that are lightweight and easy to clean making it one of the best pans and pots to buy 2020. 

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