Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set [Review]


Pans and pots are essential items in every kitchen. The Rachael Ray anodized gray 11 piece pots and pans with teal handles are a perfect choice if you are looking durable and reliable cookware set for your kitchen.

This cookware set will come in handy for those looking for a cookware set that is ideal for both oven baking and ordinary cooking. Read more of its features below.

Features that make Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 11 Piece Cookware Set standout

Sturdy Construction
This 11-piece cookware set is made of hard-anodized Aluminum, which is one of the best cookware materials. It is twice as hard compared to stainless steel. The hard anodized Aluminum material is preferred for being durable, tenacious, and flexible. Besides, the pots and pans are enhanced using Platinum Shield Tech to give them even better performance.

The handles of this set come in oven-friendly silicone, which prevents heat transfer to your hands while providing you with a firm grip. The lids are made of breakage resistant glass. This glass enables you to observe your food without opening the cover; thus, the food’s heat and flavor remain locked-in.

The rims are flared to prevent drips on the stove, oven, or countertop. The Rachel Ray 81123 comes with a lifetime warranty, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality.

The hard anodized material in this cookware set is flexible for cooking all types of food. This set will be beneficial for people looking for functional but minimal cookware.

The Rachael Ray 81123 is a set of three lids, a Dutch oven (5 qt.), two saucepans (1.5-qt. and 2-qt.), two frying pans (8.5” and 10.25”), one sauté pan (3 qt.), 12” spoon, and a bench scrape. All 11 items are oven safe for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The set is also compatible with gas, electric, and induction stoves. The versatility is great for people looking for cookware set ideal for both ordinary cooking and oven baking as it saves money.

Safe to use
The Aluminum of this non-stick cookware set is hard anodized. The anodization prevents leeching of the Aluminum into your food. As such, Rachel Ray 81123 uses one of the best cookware material for health. At a total of 15.2 lbs., this cookware set is lightweight, which makes it good enough for use by even kids.


  • It has non-reactive surface thanks to its Aluminum hard-anodized make
  • Gives value for the money
  • The pots and pans are durable
  • The set is ideal for both baking and regular cooking


  • The teal handles may not be appealing to style sensitive people

Overall, the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 11 Piece Cookware Set (81123) gives value for the money. The 11 pieces are enough for a basic kitchen. The pots and pans are durable, safe to use, and multi-purpose. With these incredible features, Rachael Ray 81123 is arguably one of the best cookware set for the money in 2020.

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