Rachael Ray 8-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set [Review]


The Rachel Ray series of cookware sets feature some of the best-rated models in the market. If you need a cookware set with essential items for a family kitchen, then you should consider their eight-piece Rachel Ray 12167 cookware set with teal shimmer.

People with limited storage space will appreciate this cookware set for the money as it saves storage space by over a half. Read more of its features below.

Features that make Rachael Ray 8-Piece Cookware Set 12167 standout

Lasting and strong construction

Rachael Ray 12167 is made from sturdy and long-lasting aluminum non-stick material. The material is also enhanced using Platinum Shield Tech. This enhancement makes the cookware set durable and safe for cooking as the reinforcement protects your food from non-porous metals.

The set also features silicon handles that provide comfort and an ideal handgrip when cooking. They are oven safe for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The handles are dual-riveted, which makes carrying the pots and pan hassle-free.


The Rachel Ray set with teal shimmer has all the essential items needed in a typical kitchen. The set is compatible with induction cooktops and stoves and oven for temperatures below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is crucial for people who often use recipes that need pre-heating the pans or pots in the oven or transferring them into the oven in the course of cooking. With such versatility, Rachael Ray 12167 is one of the best cookware sets for the budget.

Highly efficient

This Rachael Ray non-stick cookware set is highly efficient in providing even heat distribution. The combination of a stainless steel base and Aluminum material provides quick and even distribution of heat to prevent food from burning.

Saves storage space

This cookware set is designed with practicality and limited space in mind. The Rachael Ray 12167 measures 23.5” x 10.4” x 13 and weighs 14.2 lbs. The eight items can be perfectly stacked during storage, saving slightly over 50% storage space. This is a superb feature for people with limited kitchen/cabinet space. The silicone-covered ridges and lips prevent scratching when stacking up the set.

Easy to clean

The Rachael Ray cookware set includes stockpot (8 qt.) plus lid, saucepot (4 qt.) plus lid, everyday pan (12.5”), stainless steamer insert (8 qt.), slotted turner (12”) and a solid spoon (12”). All these items are dishwasher safe; therefore, easy to clean.

This Aluminum non-stick set is also easy to hand wash. It is prudent to use soft scrubbers to avoid causing damage.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Saves storage space by over a half
  • The glass lids are breakage resistant
  • Sturdy and durable with oven-safe silicone handles
  • Aesthetically appealing thanks to the superior shimmering in teal


  • Not as durable as the anodized-aluminum models

Overall, the Rachel Ray 8-piece 12167 is an excellent starter cookware set made of durable Aluminum and has firm silicone handles. Its versatility is impressive for such a quality under $100 cookware set.

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