Philips Kitchen EP4321 Espresso Machine [Review]


Philips has over 130 years of experience improving livelihoods through groundbreaking innovations like their latest EP4321 espresso machine. Its five cups capacity is more than enough to keep you supplied with your favorite coffee brew.

This espresso machine has an intuitive TFT display that is easy to use, and you can adjust the length, temperature, and strength of the coffee. It also features classic milk frother that can prepare silky smooth frothed brews.

Read on to discover some of the Philips kitchen EP4321 espresso machines;

Aroma extract system

The Philips kitchen EP4321 espresso machine has an aroma extraction system that controls the pressure, temperature, and brewing time to maximize extraction efficiency. The resulting brew has a more decadent aroma, flavor, and visual attributes. Thanks to the aroma extract system, the espresso machine can also control the amount of crema in each brew.

Multiple user profiles

This espresso machine will fit in just about any kitchen, and it supports multiple user profiles so that you don’t have to manually customize your brew settings each time you want a drink. The two user profiles save your favorite settings and will automatically start brewing with the press of a single button.

Classic milk frother

The classic milk frothier incorporated with this espresso machine performs excellently, and you can always expect it to churn out silky smooth frothed milk. You will have no problem operating the unit and preparing the froth with its classic design. It also doesn’t require any specialized cleaning. Simply wipe the nozzle with a clean cloth before using the frothier on another cup of coffee.

Intuitive TFT display

Philips includes an intuitive TFT display on the EP4321 espresso machine with easy-to-use icons. You can use the display to adjust the brew length, the strength of the coffee, and the overall brewing temperature. Changing these variables will also change the brewing pressure resulting in the increased aroma.

Ceramic grinder

The built-in ceramic grinder has up to 12 steps grinding adjustment settings so that you can select the right grind size for your specific coffee beans. Its ceramic build is also extremely hard and will withstand years of use. The precise grinder will always yield fine grounds that produce fresh aromatic coffee.

AquaClean system

This espresso machine features an integrated aquaclean water filter that reduces 0gn the need to descale your machine often. With the aquaclean system, your machine will reliably brew up to 5000 cups before you have to descale it and replace the filter.

Philips Kitchen EP4321 Espresso Machine Side
Philips Kitchen EP4321 Espresso Machine Menu
Philips Kitchen EP4321 Espresso Machine in Use


  • Has multiple user profiles that automatically save your favorite brewing settings.
  • The ceramic grinder is strong enough to withstand continuous use and grind coffee for more than 20,000 cups.
  • The espresso machine can intelligently control the water flow rate to maintain the brew’s aroma.


  • The Multi-user profile mode only supports up to two profiles.

The Philips kitchen EP4321 espresso machine is a perfect recommendation for coffee lovers in the market for a customizable brewing machine with intelligent automation. The firm equips this espresso machine with the latest coffee brewing technology, such as the aquaclean system and a heavy-duty ceramic coffee grinder.

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