Oster BLSTTSCB2000 Texture Select Pro Blender [Review]


Oster brand has been in the industry for long, and they seem to have perfected the art of making some quality kitchen appliances. If you need a quality under $100 blender, then the Oster Texture Select Pro Blender (BLSTTSCB2000) is worth your consideration.

This appliance will come in handy for people looking for an efficient all in one blender and food processor.

Features that make Oster Texture Select Pro Blender (BLSTTSCB2000) standout

Very powerful
At 1200W, the Oster Texture Select BLSTTSCB2000 is powerful enough for even tough fibrous fruits/vegetables. The powerful motor delivers the desired texture, and the blender remains functional for a long. The dual-facing blades are 3” long, making this blender even more powerful.

The Oster Texture Select is one of the best blenders for 2020, mainly because it works as a blender and food processor. Its Texture Select feature allows you to choose your preferred texture, and the mixer delivers the desired consistency.

There are six texture options, i.e., food split, shake, smoothie, thin, thick, and medium. It also has automated and manual settings to give the user more control over the texture of the final product. This feature will come in handy for people who use recipes that require a variety of blended textures.

This unit has four manual settings speeds. They include pulse, high, low, and medium. This feature ensures that you achieve the desired consistency for your soup, salsa, shakes, broths, and other recipes.

This blender occupies minimal counter and storage space. It measures 11.2” x 13.6” x 10.4” and weighs 11.3 lbs. The compact design makes it convenient even to those with limited storage area.

It comes with two Blend-N-Go 700 ml cups. Therefore, you can blend your smoothies on your way out without making other kitchen utensils dirty. The jug is also machine friendly making it convenient for people who dislike hand washing utensils.

The blades of the Oster BLSTTSCB2000 are made of stainless steel, making them durable and resistant to rust or corrosion. Its machine-friendly jar is made of long-lasting plastic to prevent breakage.

This Oster blender for the money costs under $100. This is an affordable price point for a blender/food processor with features such as 1200 watts motor, texture customization, additional two cups, four setting speeds, quality make, and incorporated manual and automated settings.


  • It gives a good value for money
  • It comes with two large cups and eight-cup blending jug
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Delivers a variety of textures


  • It often causes leakage, which can leave your kitchen in a mess.

Overall, the Oster Texture Select Pro Blender (BLSTTSCB2000) is, without a doubt, one of the best blenders under $100. It delivers the desired texture for your smoothies, salsa, sauces, etc. at the touch of a button. This unit comes with a three-year guarantee, which offers more value for the money.

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