Ninja Specialty CM401 Coffee Maker [Review]


Ninja brand is well known for using top quality materials in their coffee makers. The Ninja CM401 Specialty is ranked as one of the best coffee machines in 2020 for home and office use, due to its friendly price and unique features.

People who love their coffee brewed in different styles and temperatures will enjoy using this under $150 coffee maker. Below are a few of the unique features of this unit.

Features that make Ninja Specialty (CM401) Coffee Maker standout

This unit has versatile coffee brewing options from over ice, classic, rich to specialty. It also brews cold coffee without altering the original flavor. This is a crucial feature for those who love both cold and hot drinks. Besides, it has a self-brewing timer where you get to select the style and quantity you will need long before you need to drink the beverage.

The Ninja CM401 Specialty also has versatile brewing capacity. The capacity is adjusted using a knob-like button, and you get to choose between 280ml, 340 ml, 415 ml, 533ml, semi-full carafe, and full carafe (about 1500 ml). This versatility prevents wastage as one only brews the much that they need.

Compact design
The Ninja CM401 Specialty comes in a compact design that occupies minimal surface. At 12” x 8.8” x 15” measurements, this unit is tall but narrow, and it weighs 12.9 lbs. The design is practical for people with average height storage shelves or open-spaced kitchen.

Its 1500 ml glass carafe is detachable while the hot/cold milk frother can be folded. This makes its storage more comfortable as the machine occupies less storage space.

Aesthetically appealing
This coffee maker for the money has a sleek classic design. It is made of a perfect mix of stainless steel and matte black parts. The water reservoir is transparent with well-designed decorative groves while the warmer has shiny black lines. These features give the Ninja CM401 Specialty a classic look that easily blends with the theme of most homes.

Easy to use
The unit has a thermal flavor feature for extraction. This allows the machine to regulate the quantity and hotness of the beverage at the touch of a button. All you need is to add the right coffee quantity depending on the brewing style/amount selected.

Setting it up and disassembling for cleaning is easy. However, the glass carafe, which is dishwasher-friendly, lacks enough hand grip. Thus one needs to be careful when handling it.


  • It has a variety of brewing styles and sizes
  • Comes in a compact aesthetically appealing design
  • Ideal for both cold/hot coffee making
  • It comes with a drip-stop dial for preventing any excess flow


  • It is not quiet, especially when starting

Overall, the Ninja Specialty (CM401) Coffee Maker is an excellent investment for coffee lovers who like their drink in a variety of styles and temperatures. It has four brewing styles for cold/hot coffee.

We can recommend this coffee maker to anyone with a flexible budget. It is worth the money

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