Le Creuset 11’ Inch Non-Stick PRO [Review]


Le Creuset is an established brand with almost a century of producing kitchen appliances tailored for user needs. This product is constructed with high-quality aluminum to serve you long enough while costing less. The product goes through a chain of inspections with dozens of artisans on the watch during the manufacturing process to enhance quality. With this kind of product, you can take your cooking experience to the next level. Let’s have a look at more incredible features!

Le Creuset 11’ Inch Non-Stick PRO View

Features of Le Creuset 11’ Inch Non-Stick PRO that makes it exemplary


Withstanding up to 500 °F, Le Creuset Non-Stick 11’ Inch PRO is oven-safe to allow you to thoroughly cook your food for an enhanced taste. It is also compatible with entirely all cooktops making it your number one choice of purchase. You can cook any kind of meal without having to worry about the quality of the meal it offers. The fact that the glass lid can withstand up to 425°F to help you preserve the aroma and moisture of your meal ensures your meal is mouth-watering.

Triple-reinforced and PFOA free

With the new Le Creuset PRO, you can get cookware that is 4 times stronger compared to traditional ones. The product is triple-reinforced with a four times sturdier coating to offer you several years of whipping up meals. In addition, this square grill is a master of corrosion thanks to the stainless steel disc at its base.

The fact that this pan is PFOA-free makes it an everyday-use product to ensure a healthy living experience. Besides, it is non-stick to ensure your food does not stick up much oil. With this is in mind, you can easily cut down your calories, providing you with a perfect body.

Uniform cooking

Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick PRO comes with hard-anodized aluminum to ensure the pan heats up quickly and the heat is uniformly distributed. This ensures your food is uniformly cooked to enhance its natural taste for your family to enjoy. Also, the textured interior promotes searing and browning to allow you to prepare excellent delicacies.

Dishwasher safe

You should not worry about cleaning this product since it got you covered. The machine is dishwasher safe, and cleaning will only take a switch of a button. Besides, you can easily clean the pan using a piece of cloth and soap, thanks to its non-stick interior.

Le Creuset 11’ Inch Non-Stick PRO inside
Le Creuset 11’ Inch Non-Stick PRO Side


  • It has a non-stick finish to facilitate serving oil-free foods
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Lids can withstand up to 425°F while the pan can take up to 500 °F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lids and handle stay cool during cooking to prevent burns
  • Maintains a steady simmer


  • The rivets on the handle makes cleaning tricky

If you are looking for a reliable cooking companion, Le Creuset Non-Stick PRO is a partner that won’t disappoint. This product goes beyond frying eggs and is exceptionally multipurpose for every job in the kitchen. Thus plus the ergonomic handles, it helps you prepare the food you desire with no hassle.

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