Homgeek Immersion Hand Held Blender [Review]


Are you looking for a high-quality blender that can crush it all? Then the Homegeek Immersion blender ticks all the right boxes. It has a powerful motor that can crush seeds and other hardened ingredients. What’ more, it is highly affordable and thus suited for people looking for a budget-friendly blender.

But what makes it great among other blenders in its category.

Features That Makes HomGeek Immersion Handheld Blender Stand Out

Powerful motor
This 2-in-1 blender offers a powerful motor to handle different ingredients effectively. The 500 watts motor combined with two sharp stainless blades ensure that you cut through iced ingredients faster to prepare a variety of drinks.

With its high torque base, the motor can easily whip veggie and frozen fruit. It is also equipped with cooling systems to ensure continuous blending without overheating. Additionally, the electric motor is removable in case you need to attach different attachments for various recipes.

Varying speed controls
You can choose between a variety of speed controls to ensure your desired textures depending on ingredients. You can choose between 6 speeds by turning the knob. The power button adjusts the speed to normal while the turbo button provides a boost to speed to improve efficiency.

The ability of this blender to run much slower using the pulse function ensures more consistent drinks such as fruit compotes.

Stainless steel blades
The blender also comes with stainless steel blades making it perfect for soups, juices, smoothies, baby food, and more. The 304 blades are strong to resist bending and deliver reliable results every time. Combined with the 500-watt motor, it is easy to blend and crush ingredients.

Easy to Clean 
This model from HomGeek offers an easy way to disassemble when you want to clean the parts. Apart from the engine parts, the rest of the parts are dishwasher safe making it cleaning a child’s play. However, it’s always recommended that you soak the parts well before loading them in a dishwasher. Additionally, the housing is made of stainless steel meaning that residues can easily be wiped. All you need is a damp cloth.

Ergonomic handle 
This unit also features a soft-grip handle for extra comfort and better control. It is sleek and non-slip with an ergonomic design that ensures ease of use. Unlike most conventional immersion blenders, the HomGeek Immersion blender won’t be tiresome on your wrist even when blending for more time.


  • It has a stainless steel body for durability and easy cleanup
  • Has a 500-watt motor that blends quickly
  • A compact design ensures easy to fit on the counter
  • It’s very lightweight and portable
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle


  • According to customer reviews, it does not crush iced ingredients efficiently

This 500-watt motored machine can grind most components and is one of the best blenders for milkshakes. It is not capable of everything but it can handle many tasks – and at an affordable price as well. The unit premium construction and performance are a hard combination to beat at this price. For people looking for a way to blend food in seconds, the HomGeek hand-held blender does the job well.

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