Hamilton Beach 10oz Electric Coffee Grinder [Review]


Do you need an advanced coffee grinder at a reasonable price? Well, this model from Hamilton Beach should be on your list. It is one of the few products that offer a hands-free experience with a convenient timer that you can preset. People who love coffee a lot will definitely appreciate the multiple settings in Hamilton Beach 10oz Electric Coffee Grinder 80393.

The machine has been designed for convenience featuring an intuitive control scheme while keeping aesthetics. Below are its main benefits.

Features That Make Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder 80393 Stand Out

Multiple Settings
This machine features 3 different settings for coarseness; coarse, medium, and fine – to allow you to brew the coffee in your most preferred taste.

It can also brew different quantities of cups in one sitting between 4 to 14 cups. This makes it suitable for large families and personal use because you can customize the number of cups to 4, 8, 12, or 14 cups.

Removable Grinding Chamber
Another nice addition of Hamilton Beach 10 oz. is the removable grinding chamber that ensures easy filling of the beans. This innovative feature also makes it easy to pour out the ground beans without making messes. The grinding chamber has also been designed with easy-to-read measurement marks. This way, it’s easier to add the right amount of coffee without guessing.

The grinding time has been customized as well, to ensure you prepare just the right amount of coffee. All you have to do is adjust the cup setting and let the grinder take care of it.

Easy to Clean
It is also easier to clean this unit because you can clean the chamber separately. You can clean the plastic lid using a dump towel and brush for the grinding chamber. The only downside with the plastic lid and bowl is they might cause static build-up, which means more grinds will cling onto the walls of the container.

Hands-free Operation
Another excellent feature worth noting is the one-touch grinding that makes it easy to use. Simply pour your beans and cover the grinder. Adjust the coarseness and cup settings and press the button. You don’t have to switch it off because it stops once the coffee is ready.

Sharp Blades
The blades are made of stainless steel to make it durable and grind coffee with ease. This grinder can also grind a range of spices and herbs. This unit is also BPA-free to ensure top quality and taste. It is one of the quietest coffee grinders, thanks to the plastic cover that limits the noise.


  • Hands-free: fill the bowl and switch on
  • The removable grinding bowl offers a more convenient pouring
  • Offers multiple settings with grind-time presets


  • Static build-up causes cling grinds

On a tight budget, you could hardly find a better coffee grinder. It offers a large capacity, with a couple of settings and is built to last. For non-techy people, this grinder allows you to pour the coffee from the grinding bowl straight into your coffeemaker. Try it out for the freshest coffee.

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