Bosch Universal Plus Mixer [Review]


The Bosch UniversalPlus Mixer with Cookie Paddles &Bowl Scraper is the most popular choice for individuals who lie cooking or making desserts by themselves. The product mixes through around 15 pounds of dough. Most kitchen mixers do not provide good results considering that bread dough is usually hard on mixers. The Bosch UniversalPlus Mixer has a larger 6 quart bowl.

The product offers numerous possibilities and therefore it is a good addition to your kitchen. After adding the dough hook extender, you will be able to make smaller dough batches or larger ones depending on your needs. The product also comes with a BPA free bowl in addition to other accessories. The suction feet provide optimum stability.


  • Comes with a mixer, lid, bow, wire whips, splash ring, blender, dough hook, bowl scraper, wire whips, dough hook, and cookie paddles, metal whip drive and dough whip extender.
  • Universal Plus collection
  • 6 Quart locking bowl with a 15 lbs capacity and 800 W motor
  • 4 Speeds settings, stop position and momentary switch
  • Belt drive transmission
  • The removable drive shaft that allows easier cleaning
  • Suction feed for enhanced stability
  • Allows the user to knead 15 lbs of dough
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty that covers the transmission and motor

The manufacturer fits the motor of this mixer at the bottom with the belt-driven transmission. The design is more efficient but as the user, you will have a chance of deciding what you want during your purchase. The attachments, including the wire dough hook, the wire whip, and the flat paddles/beater have a different appearance too.

The product comes with a bowl scraper, dough hook, and double beater. Even though the manufacturer does not include a pasta maker attachment, the device is versatile. You can also opt for the separately sold food grinder, juicer or the shredder/slicer combo.


  • Comes with a powerful 800-watt motor

  • Offers three controllable speeds in addition to a switch for the pulse operation

  • Comes with a built-in circuit breaker to protect its powerful motor

  • The product is easier to clean and more convenient to store and use


  • The design of this product causes messes, which can be hard to clean

You can opt to extend the one-year warranty to two years when more coverage is important. Moreover, if you need recipe ideas for the mixer, the manufacturer offers them on the main website. The process will assist you in your cake, desserts and cake preparation.

The Bosch UniversalPlus Mixer is a good choice of heavy duty dough mixing. If you are planning to make bread in large quantity, it is the mixer to go for. It is among the powerful mixers in the market today. The 800-watt motor offers power output that can handle 15 cups of flour each time. That will save you more time in your kitchen and spare you the fatigue associated with mix heavy dough batches by hand. The product is also dishwasher safe.


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